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Sacramento Interstate 80 Crash

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December 14, 2016
Edward Smith


Sacramento Interstate 80 Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident lawyer. Those of us travelling eastbound this morning along the Cap City freeway had quite a delay reaching our destination. A crash occurred west of the Exposition Boulevard exit and backed motorists up for miles. Finally, about 8:30 a.m. authorities reopened the slow lane which allowed traffic to move through without further restriction.

What Happened?

An auto accident occured about 1.5 miles east of the Exposition Boulevard exit in Sacramento. The accident appeared to be a serious rear-end collision from the looks of the vehicles. One car had a crumpled front end and was resting on top of a flatbed tow truck waiting to be moved from the highway.

Personal Injuries Common in Front End Collisions

Injuries to the leg such as tibial fractures and fibula fractures are not uncommon after a car crash. The legs can oftentimes become crumpled in either the front or the back seat due to a front end car crash. Side collisions, on the other hand, may indent the frame of the vehicle moving it inward, resulting in an open fracture or a closed fracture of the fibula and/or tibula.


Watch Youtube VideoCrash Test Dummies to see the dynamics of a front end collission (video is not too graphic).


Height (Age) and Gender Sometimes a Factor in Injury Type

Women tend to be shorter than men. They can be more likely to have ankle fractures and foot fractures in front end collisions than their male counterparts. Men are more likely to sustain hip fractures in front end crashes. It is important to point out that bone fracture location in front end collisions typically vary based on the height of the victim. The female gender typically has a higher than average chance of sustaining a leg or foot fracture in a serious front end collision. Car crashes involving fractures in children may vary from an adult male due to the child’s reduced height.

Was Anyone Hurt in the Sacramento Interstate 80 Crash?

As of this writing the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has released no details pertaining to the involved accident victims. The CHP website described it as a traffic collision with unknown injuries. Tow trucks were dispatched to the scene.

Tow Truck Clearing Sacramento Interstate 80 Crash

In their effort to get inoperable cars removed from the highway, police often call the closest tow service. The police mean well by doing this. As the victim of a crash you may still be in shock when the tow company arrives to deal with your vehicle. Be careful before signing their paperwork even if the tow truck operator promises “to handle everything.” Many times you are better off utilizing your own insurance company towing service if you have it. Before signing the paperwork letting the tow service take your vehicle, decide what is best for you. The best economical outcome does not include a storage yard. In Sacramento, remember, that the average cost is about $60 a day if your car should sit in a tow storage yard. Don’t be fooled by the tow operator telling you the cost to tow to the tow yard is cheaper. In most situations, you will wind up paying much more if your vehicle goes to the tow yard and sits there until your auto claim is resolved. Just bite the bullet and pay him to tow your car to your home where you can store it for free.

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