Sacramento Intersection Accident Between Multiple Vehicles

Sacramento Intersection Accident Between Multiple Vehicles

On June 17, an intersection accident involving four vehicles happened, which sent one person to the hospital. The crash was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as occurring shortly after 3:00 in the afternoon at the intersection of East Stockton Boulevard and Stevenson Avenue in South Sacramento. It occurred between a Toyota Camry, a maroon Honda, a white Honda, and a gray Honda.

One party was trapped inside their vehicle by the collision and required assistance from the Sacramento Fire Department to exit it. The accident blocked the northbound lanes of East Stockton, while the injured person was transported to the hospital, several vehicles were towed and the site cleared for traffic. The CHP is investigating the crash to determine how it happened.

What Causes Intersection Accidents?

Negligence is nearly always the cause of intersection accidents and accounts for about 40 percent of all traffic collisions. About 90 percent of these accidents are caused by a motorist, while others can be caused by visual obstructions or other problems. The following are some of the reasons intersection accidents happen:

  • The lack of proper surveillance before entering the intersection can lead to an accident involving another vehicle, motorcycle rider, bicyclist, or pedestrian.
  • Assuming wrongly that a driver or other user at the intersection is going straight or turning can cause an accident.
  • Obstructed views, whether by foliage, other vehicles or sun glare can make a driver mistakenly believe it is safe to proceed.
  • Performing an illegal maneuver can lead to an accident at an intersection. This includes running a red light, turning illegally, tailgating, or speeding to beat a change in the traffic light.
  • Distracted driving can contribute to an accident. A driver who is texting or talking on a cell phone, adjusting the radio or accessing their GPS is not focusing their full attention on the road ahead.
  • Poor judgment of another vehicle’s speed when attempting a left turn leads to intersection accidents.

What Types of Accidents Can Happen at an Intersection?

It is easy for an accident between several vehicles to occur at an intersection. Common types of collisions that can happen include:

  • Head-on crashes: These can happen when a driver is making a left turn in front of oncoming traffic and misjudges the speed and distance of the vehicles.
  • Rear-end collisions: When one motorist is driving too close to the vehicle in front and that car stops suddenly, it can result in a rear-end collision.
  • Sideswipe accidents: Vehicles that are turning are more apt to find themselves in a sideswipe accident. This can happen when a vehicle comes too close to another in a nearby lane or the driver does not look for motorcycle or bicycle riders.
  • Side impact crashes: These accidents usually happen when a driver runs a stop sign or red light and T-bones another vehicle.
  • Pileups: When several vehicles crash into each other at an intersection, it can cause a chain reaction that involves multiple cars.

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