Sacramento Hit-and-Run Results in Injuries

Hit-and-Run Injury Accident Reported on Cap City Freeway

A hit-and-run with injuries occurred in Sacramento on July 31 on the Cap City Freeway. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) said the crash occurred around 5:15 p.m. along southbound S.R. 51 just north of the Fulton Avenue off-ramp between a Lexus SUV and a Hyundai Elantra. Both vehicles ended up on the right-hand side of the freeway, with the Lexus facing the traffic lanes. 

Authorities Seek Hit-and-Run Driver

An individual who reported the collision said they saw two parties, a man and a woman, walking away from one of the vehicles. The Hyundai sustained front-end damage, and a wrecker had to be called to pull one of the vehicles out of a chain link fence. The CHP is conducting an investigation to determine how the crash occurred.

Hit-and-Run Collisions

Hit-and-runs are becoming more common around the country as drivers try to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. In most cases, the driver flees in the vehicle. However, in others, the driver gets out of the vehicle and simply runs. That doesn’t mean they will always get away. 

Investigation of a Hit-and-Run

Often, witnesses to an accident can describe the fleeing driver, and if they are on foot, they won’t get very far. Over the years, our accident attorneys and investigators have successfully located a number of hit-and-run drivers to hold them responsible for their actions. Some of the ways in which we locate the vehicle and driver include:

  • Police report: Our investigators look over the police report for information and to ensure its accuracy.
  • Surveillance cameras: Surveillance cameras in the area from businesses and traffic lights can help identify both the vehicle and the driver in some cases.
  • Witnesses: By interviewing the witnesses to the accident, we can uncover information to identify the car and driver. In many cases, a hit-and-run occurs close to where the driver lives, so a witness may be able to identify that person. In other cases, a witness has recorded the accident or aftermath on their cell phone.
  • Scene evidence: By looking for evidence at the accident scene itself, paint scrapes on other vehicles or dropped pieces of metal can point toward the make and model of the vehicle.

Once the evidence has been gathered and the hit-and-run driver located, they can be held financially responsible for injuries. Our accident attorneys use the gathered evidence to build a strong case that supports our client’s compensation claim

Hit-and-Run Compensation and Insurance

If the injured person carries an uninsured/underinsured policy as an add-on for their auto insurance, they can use it to pay some of their expenses, depending on the limits. The policy can also be used for others in the vehicle, even if the fleeing driver can’t be located. If the injured person does not have this add-on auto policy but another member of the family does, theirs can be used instead. Future rates do not change as a result of using the policy.

Accident Lawyers in Sacramento

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