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Sacramento Hit-and-Run Injury Accident Occurs on Eastbound I-80

Driver Flees Scene of Hit-and-Run Injury Accident on Foot

A hit-and-run injury happened in Sacramento on the morning of July 26 when two vehicles collided, and one of the drivers fled the scene. The multiple-vehicle accident was reported shortly before 11:00 a.m. along eastbound I-80 just east of Truxel Road. According to the incident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), three to four vehicles were involved in the crash, including a Ford C-Max and a Toyota Corolla. 

Driver Sought After Fleeing Accident Scene

Sacramento Fire Department first responders were called to the scene to assess at least one person who was injured in the accident. According to the person who called in the report of the accident, one of the drivers involved, described as around 20-years-old, exited their vehicle and proceeded to run through a field along the highway. The witness report then said the suspect was picked up by another vehicle at Bridgeford Drive and San Juan Road and left the area. The CHP is investigating the hit-and-run injury accident and conducting a search for the individual who fled the scene.

Finding a Driver Who Flees the Scene

Investigators in my law office have located a number of hit-and-run drivers over the years. We strongly believe that suffering an injury because of someone else’s negligence is bad enough. The injured person should not have to bear the financial brunt of that accident in addition. Some of the methods we use to locate a fleeting driver following an accident include:

  • Our investigators go right away to the site of the hit-and-run injury accident to collect evidence before it disappears.
  • Statements are taken from the witnesses to the accident. At times, a witness filmed the accident with their phone. They may also recall the license plate number and can describe the driver.
  • Area surveillance cameras are examined to see if one of them captured the accident on tape. This information can be used to help identify the driver.
  • The vehicle left behind would have been checked by police investigating the crash. Helpful information to identify the driver may have been left behind, such as the registration, insurance, and others.
  • The investigators perform accident reconstruction to illustrate how the crash occurred. This type of evidence is widely accepted by insurance companies and in civil court and can support a client’s claim for compensation.
  • The police report itself is checked to ensure its accuracy, so any errors can be corrected.

Another Way to Obtain Compensation 

If the driver in the hit-and-run injury accident isn’t located, the injured party can use their uninsured/underinsured insurance policy to pay for their medical costs and lost wages. If they don’t have this add-on policy but another family member does, that can be used instead. The insurance rate remains unaffected and doesn’t go up if the policy is used. 

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