Sacramento Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Sacramento Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Sacramento Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Sacramento Fatal Pedestrian Accident. A Sacramento fatal pedestrian accident along Highway 50 happened on October 19 when a woman was struck by a car after walking directly in front of it. The vehicle was reported as traveling at about 60 mph when the accident occurred, according to a representative of the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Only one lane of traffic remained open for local motorists as the CHP investigated the accident. We extend our condolences to the family members and friends of the deceased during their time of loss and sorrow.

Sacramento Fatal Pedestrian Accident Details

The accident happened shortly after 5:00 in the morning along eastbound US 50 close to the exit ramp for Interstate 5. This was when a female pedestrian stepped in front of a 2002 Toyota Camry being driven by a man from Vacaville, age 40. According to the report, no identification was found on the fatally injured woman. The driver of the vehicle remained at the scene of the collision and was unharmed in the accident. The CHP is asking that anyone who might be able to help identify the woman who was killed to phone the office in South Sacramento at 916-861-1300.

Sacramento Fatal Pedestrian Accident Statistics

According to the Sacramento Police Department, the number of fatalities to pedestrians almost doubled in 2017 over the previous year to 17. The California Office of Traffic Safety reported 228 injuries and fatalities to pedestrians in the city in 2015, with 535 injured or killed in the county that year. However, there are factors that lead to an increased risk and steps a pedestrian can take to improve their safety:

  • Avoid distractions: Walking while distracted can make a pedestrian step off a curb at the wrong time or fail to hear oncoming vehicles. Talking on a cell phone or texting, listening to music and other distractions are a danger. Being aware of your surrounding environment while walking is necessary to avoid risky behaviors.
  • Avoid jaywalking: Crossing a street outside of a designated crosswalk or attempting to cross a highway is dangerous. Vehicles on the road may not see you until it is too late, particularly after dark. In addition, it is difficult for a pedestrian to judge the speed of a vehicle on a faster-paced roadway. Always use an intersection to cross, preferably one with lights to help avoid being in a Sacramento fatal pedestrian accident.
  • Walk on a sidewalk: When sidewalks are not available, remain along the shoulder and face traffic. Never walk in the middle of the road or in the traffic lane.
  • Don’t walk when impaired: Just as drinking and driving are dangerous, so is walking while impaired by alcohol or drugs. If you need to go somewhere, wait until you are sober, or get a lift from a friend or shared-ride company.
  • Be more visible after dark: Carry a flashlight and wear light-colored clothing. If you walk after dark frequently, it is a good idea to use a jacket that has reflective strips on it. This will help motorists see you more easily so you can avoid being in a Sacramento fatal pedestrian accident.

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