Sacramento Fatal Pedestrian Accident Caused By Train

Train Near Roseville Road Causes Fatal Pedestrian Accident

A Union Pacific train caused a fatal pedestrian accident in Sacramento on May 28. The accident happened around noon along the tracks near Roseville Road between the overpass for Winters Street and Marconi Avenue. A spokesperson for Union Pacific said the accident did not involve a railroad crossing and was close to the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex. 

Fatal Pedestrian Accident Involving Train Under Investigation

Officers with the Sacramento Police Department and fire department declared the pedestrian deceased at the accident scene. No one on the train was injured in the crash. The accident is being investigated to determine what happened.

Is It Legal to Walk Along Train Tracks?

Although some people may like to take photos or just walk along railroad tracks, it is illegal. The individual who does so faces charges of trespassing. Situations where liability might arise include instances where a pedestrian has been hit by a train due to inadequate warning systems or signage near crossings, failure to provide proper lighting, failure to supply adequate crossing arms or gates, failure to adhere to safety regulations and inadequate maintenance of the tracks. To successfully establish liability based on these claims, it must be demonstrated that the railroad’s negligence was a proximate cause of the harm suffered by the person who was injured or died.

A Fatal Pedestrian Accident at a Designated Crossing

There may also be liability for a pedestrian fatality that occurs while crossing a railroad track at an authorized crossing—even if the walker is not at a designated area—if the railroad company was responsible in any way for creating dangerous conditions or if it had been notified about potential hazards but did not take corrective action. Again, to hold the railroad liable in such cases, it would need to be proven that its acts of negligence were related to or caused the injury or cause of the accident.

Negligence Can Lead to a Wrongful Death Claim

You should seek legal help as soon as possible if you have lost a loved one in a fatal pedestrian accident with a train to ensure responsible parties are held accountable. Your case can be evaluated and fought for by an experienced personal injury lawyer. An injured family might consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit for financial compensation and psychological compensation if negligence caused the death. 

Upon determining that the railroad’s negligence was the cause of death, a family of a loved one who died in a train crash can file a wrongful death claim. There must be evidence that another person or entity was negligent in causing the untimely death. Either the administrator of the estate or family members can file the claim. We are happy to provide you with more information at your convenience.

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