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Sacramento Convenience Store Window Broken by Negligent Driver

Negligent Driver Crashes into Sacramento Convenience Store

A driver damaged a Sacramento convenience store after their vehicle jumped the curb in front of the building and crashed into a large window. Damage to the building was minor. The accident happened during the early hours of January 13 after 2:00 a.m. along Northgate Boulevard at a 7-Eleven. No one was reported injured in the crash. Officers with the Sacramento Police Department are investigating the accident to determine why the convenience store incident occurred. 

Further Information About the Convenience Store Accident

A Sacramento police officer reported that the driver had parked in front of the convenience store and went inside to purchase snacks. One police officer said it looked as though the driver might have pressed on the accelerator instead of the brake, which made the car jump the curb and hit the window. Police detained both the driver and a passenger to determine whether alcohol or drugs were a factor in the collision.

Liability in a Convenience Store Accident Involving a Vehicle

In the convenience store accident described above, there was no physical injury to anyone in the establishment. Let’s look at what would happen if customers and employees were injured as well as property damage in a hypothetical case. In this situation, a vehicle plows into a window at a local restaurant. The driver was a 75-year-old man whom police decided became confused when he was attempting to park and stepped on the accelerator instead of the gas. The parking place was at the front of the restaurant. Several pedestrians were walking by the restaurant, but they jumped out of the way, and no one was injured. 

The driver of the vehicle suffered a laceration on his forehead, but shards of glass injured several patrons, some severely. In addition, there was damage to items used in the restaurant as well as the window. The window needed to be replaced, and it would take several days for the necessary cleanup. The question here is who pays for the damage. 

Who Pays for the Damage to the Building in Our Hypothetical Case

Initially, the restaurant owner may want to do things as quickly as possible since reopening the establishment is important to him. To replace the window and restock the damaged items, the owner may need to spend $10,000. He is insured for property damage and uses that. The property insurance company may pay for the damages, but the insurer will want to be compensated by the driver’s automobile insurance. 

Injured Patrons

Patrons injured in the crash will be able to file a claim against the negligent driver. In this situation, his insurance company will pay for their medical bills, lost wages, and other losses due to the crash. If the vehicle was stolen, then the person in the car would be responsible. In some cases, the driver (the rightful owner) may only carry minimal insurance. However, the necessary compensation may be higher. Or, the driver may lack automobile insurance entirely. In such cases, your personal injury lawyer will help. If the injured party carries underinsured/uninsured insurance as part of their own automobile policy, they will be covered. If not, and they have a family member living with them who does have this coverage, they will also be covered. 

How an Attorney Can Help

At our firm, we believe that no one should have to pay for physical injuries caused by a negligent party. We dispatch our investigators to the scene of the crash to uncover necessary evidence of negligence. The investigators use proprietary techniques that show why the accident happened and who is responsible. They also speak with witnesses, review police reports for mistakes, and obtain video footage from security and traffic cameras. Once all evidence is compiled, they release it to our legal team to build a robust case for our client.

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