Sacramento Community Tired of Reckless Sideshow Driving

Cracking Down on Illegal Sideshows: Sacramento Police Take Action

Residents of a Sacramento neighborhood have expressed their frustration with the ongoing issue of cars performing dangerous stunts on their streets. This concern comes from the Sacramento Police Department’s recent announcement of increased efforts to combat illegal sideshows. To address this growing problem, police responded to a sideshow near Valley Hi Drive and Mack Road on a Saturday night, resulting in several vehicles being stopped and seized.

Police Strategy: Targeting Repeat Offenders

Sacramento police spokesperson Anthony Gamble revealed that they had received information indicating the presence of several vehicles known for their involvement in previous illegal sideshows at the event. Consequently, the police devised a plan, setting up nearby and intercepting these vehicles as they approached. Officers could use vehicle seizure warrants to halt five vehicles with a history of involvement in sideshow activities. Following the seizure, the over 100 vehicles at the sideshow dispersed and left the area.

While Gamble refrained from divulging specific details regarding how they learned about the sideshow that Saturday night, he emphasized the ongoing commitment of the Sacramento Police Department (Sac PD) to crack down on sideshows due to the inherent dangers they pose to the community.

Persistent Dangers and Concerns

Illegal sideshows have been a recurring problem, marked by injuries, hit-and-run incidents, and even reports of gunshots originating from these events. Furthermore, community members have found themselves trapped on either side of a sideshow, further underscoring the need for decisive action to address this issue.

A Local Neighborhood’s Plight: Reckless Driving Hits Close to Home

In a smaller-scale incident, residents of a Sacramento neighborhood situated along Jansen Drive, east of Stockton Boulevard, voiced their concerns about the dangers of reckless driving. Late Friday night into Saturday morning, two cars engaged in dangerous donut maneuvers, raising alarm among the local community.

One resident captured the incident on video, depicting a car executing a donut before speeding away from the neighborhood. The concerned resident revealed that this was not an isolated occurrence. Due to the persistent reckless driving on their street, she now worries about the safety of her seven young children.

She also recounted her efforts to deter the drivers, including activating the panic button on her truck to encourage their departure. Other residents in the neighborhood echoed her sentiments, emphasizing the need for law enforcement to take more decisive action against erratic driving within their community.

Local residents are calling for increased police intervention to curb the issue of erratic driving within their neighborhood. They argue that these incidents are not confined to main thoroughfares but also extend into residential areas, causing significant disruptions and safety concerns.

Community Engagement: Reporting Incidents

In response, Sacramento police are encouraging community members to report instances of dangerous driving in their neighborhoods by calling the non-emergency number, emphasizing that no incident is too small to warrant attention. They said big or small, the department is prepared and is willing to address these illegal activities.

The following video, courtesy of KCRA 3 News, captures a vehicle performing donuts within a Sacramento residential area.

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