Sacramento Big Rig Accident

Sacramento Big Rig Accident

Sacramento Big Rig Accident

Sacramento Big Rig Accident – Commuters on I-50 near 48th Street were stalled in traffic after a fiery early morning big rig accident on the eastbound portion of the highway on October 3, 2018. As the truck burst into flames, three lanes were shut down and firefighters fought to clean up a fuel spill on the roadway to get the fire under control. Traffic was backed up for about one mile as commuters waited for the cleanup.

Details of the Sacramento Big Rig Accident

The accident occurred around 10:00 in the morning when the big rig was struck by a sedan, according to a California Highway Patrol (CHP) spokesperson. The collision caused the truck to veer to the left toward the median when it crashed. The big rig’s tractor caught on fire as a result, and debris was strewn across the highway. However, the trailer did not erupt in flames. According to Caltrans, the eastbound lanes were closed as a result of the big rig accident. Traffic was also stalled in the westbound lanes because of the fire and smoke issuing from the vehicle. The lanes remained closed for several hours while firefighters put out the blaze, and the debris field cleaned up and vehicle removed. It is uncertain whether the driver of the sedan remained at the scene.

Injuries in the Sacramento Big Rig Accident

According to authorities, the driver was able to escape the truck despite suffering minor injuries. He was evaluated at the scene by emergency personnel and taken to a local hospital for treatment. There has been no word as to the nature of his injuries or whether he was hospitalized.

Truck Fires

When a large truck catches fire, the ramifications for the trucker and other drivers are immense and can cause serious injuries. Trucks usually are able to carry 100 gallons of diesel fuel, which has a low boiling point. When an accident occurs, however, the fuel can be ignited due to mechanical damage. If the tank is impacted, the disruption can cause sparks that cause the fuel to ignite, resulting in severe burn injuries to the occupants of the truck and those in other vehicles. If the big rig was carrying chemical substances or volatile fuel, the risk of chemical burns and exposure as well as explosive fire is increased.

Other Common Causes of Truck Fires

In many cases, a truck fire results from poor maintenance. Some common causes are:

  • Poor wiring: Over time, wiring can become worn, providing an excellent fire potential. Mechanics who service the big rig should be alert for compromised wiring to prevent a big rig accident. Aftermarket wiring such as that used for sound systems or computers can also be a culprit. Timely replacement of worn wires can eliminate this fire hazard. Defective tires may also be a factor in a big rig accident.
  • Additional add-on equipment: Truckers often add material such as inverters. To do this, holes are drilled for the wires to pass through. A common problem is that the wires rub against the hard edges of the hole and in time wear down, resulting in sparks. The sparks can initiate a fire, causing burns and smoke inhalation.

Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyers

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