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Sacramento Bids to Be the Site of Amazon’s New Headquarters

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October 21, 2017
Edward Smith


Sacramento Bids to Be the Site of Amazon’s New Headquarters

Sacramento wants to be the site of Amazon’s second headquarters, and on Wednesday, October 18, it submitted a robust proposal to be named HQ2. City and area notables were on hand for the announcement at the Golden 1 Center.

What Can Sacramento Offer?

Twelve sites around the city, from North Natomas to West Sacramento to Folsom Ranch, are available for immediate construction, according to the 100-page bid. One site, for example, in the Bridge District has room for ample office space and residential units on 188 acres. City leaders said they are confident that their proposal is perfect for Amazon’s needs with sufficient technology talent available.

What Amazon Is Offering to the Right City

According to Amazon, it has a lot to offer the city, including:

  • 50,000 jobs
  • Additional ancillary jobs
  • Billions of dollars in investment
  • $5 billion for construction

How HQ2 Will Affect Sacramento

If Seattle, which is Amazon’s home base, is an example, changes in the city’s economic status will undoubtedly be affected. Amazon says it has infused Seattle with $38 billion over six years. More workers will mean the need for increased housing, and with the growth of jobs, real estate will boom, as will other sectors of the economy. This translates into more cars on the road.

Traffic Deaths Increasing

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of traffic fatalities in 2014 was 32,654. In 2015, fatalities rose significantly to 35,092, which translates to about 672 people dying per week. The 7.2 percent increase represents the highest rise in 50 years. Over the first half of 2016, 19,000 individuals have died on the nation’s roads. California has seen a 31 percent increase in deaths.

Fatalities in All Modes of Transportation

The number of deaths for pedestrians has also risen to 5,276, representing an increase of 9.5 percent. The number of bicyclists killed in accidents rose to 818, an increase of 12 percent. This level of fatalities in both groups has not been recorded in two decades. In addition, motorcycle-related deaths increased to 4,976, a rise of 8.3 percent.

What Is Driving the Increases?

There are several possible reasons why highway deaths are increasing nationwide. One is the more robust economy translating into more jobs, several commuters, and more money to spend on travel. The Federal Highway Administration said the number of miles driven on U.S. roads has increased to 3.148 billion.

Another reason for roadway deaths is the increased use of cell phones for talking and texting. In fact, the NHTSA has found that 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or fiddling with electronic devices such as the radio or GPS system while driving. Other reasons are speeding and other forms of reckless driving, as well as driving while inebriated or high on drugs.

Increased Injuries

The number of people injured was 2.34 million. While some injuries are minor, others are catastrophic, such as traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage leading to paralysis. Such injuries can change a victim’s life dramatically, resulting in the inability to work and lost wages or exorbitant medical expenses.


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