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February 24, 2024
Edward Smith

Hit-and-Run On Golden Aspen Drive Causes Sacramento Bicyclist Injuries

Sacramento bicyclist injuries occurred in a hit-and-run collision on February 18. The accident happened along Heather Tree Drive between Golden Aspen and Galbraith Drives around 5:46 p.m. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) responded to the call of an injured bicycle rider.

Investigation Underway Into Sacramento Bicyclist Injuries

Information was not provided on whether the bicycle rider required hospitalization. An investigation into the accident is underway by the CHP traffic crash unit to determine its cause and locate the fleeing driver.

What Resources Are Used to Locate a Hit-and-Run Driver?

A skilled injury lawyer typically possesses the necessary resources to conduct thorough investigations in cases involving Sacramento bicyclist injuries caused by hit-and-run incidents. Our accident investigators meticulously examine the accident site, capturing crucial evidence through photography. Subsequently, they use accident reconstruction to ascertain the precise positions of bicyclists and motorists before, during, and after the collision.

Our investigators diligently scour the vicinity for surveillance cameras positioned at traffic lights, residences, and commercial establishments. The discovery of any relevant video footage can serve as compelling evidence. Additionally, they meticulously scrutinize the police report and conduct interviews with eyewitnesses. Furthermore, they liaise with local body shops to inquire about any vehicles matching the given description that were recently serviced. This comprehensive approach enables us to hold accountable the driver responsible for the Sacramento bicyclist injuries and seek financial restitution for the trauma endured by the rider.

Insurance Coverage Can Recover Compensation

If the search for the hit-and-run driver fails, the injured bicyclist can use their uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to pay for their injuries. This type of insurance covers motor vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle injuries. If you don’t have uninsured coverage but a family member does, you can use that instead. It does not change the rates for the policy.

Compensation for Personal Injury Claims

A bicycle rider’s trauma is considered a personal injury if a negligent action causes the injury. Careless drivers who cause cyclists’ injuries may be held responsible for the damages. It also includes compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses incurred by the injured party. 

Statute of Limitations for California Personal Injury Claims

Bringing a personal injury claim in California has a limited deadline. It is usually necessary to file a claim within two years of the injury. However, waiting too long means witnesses and evidence might disappear.

An Injury Lawyer Can Help You Recover Compensation

You can protect your interests by contacting an experienced Sacramento bicycle accident lawyer. Whenever you have been injured in an accident, you should consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible so that your case can be evaluated and you can decide how to proceed. A lawyer specializing in personal injury can offer a free consultation where you can ask questions and discuss your case. To maximize your chances of recovering compensation, consult an experienced lawyer knowledgeable about the applicable laws. 

According to Ed Smith, a personal injury lawyer, you should look for these qualities in an attorney:

Bicycle Accident Attorney in Sacramento

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