Sacramento Bicycle Collision With Vehicle Injures Rider

Howe Avenue Accident Occurs Between Motorist and Bicycle Rider

A bicycle collision with a motor vehicle ended up sending the rider to a hospital in Sacramento on September 13. The crash occurred along Howe Avenue between Arden Way and Hurley Way in the Arden-Arcade area around 2:30 p.m. The vehicle, a Ford Explorer, was undamaged in the crash, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) accident report. 

Rider Transported to Hospital Following Bicycle Collision With Motorist

The injured pedestrian was transported to Kaiser North with undescribed injuries by medics with the Sacramento Fire Department. The incident is under investigation by the CHP to find out how the bicycle collision with the vehicle occurred and to assign fault.

Recovering Compensation Following a Bicycle Collision Injury

Crashes involving bicycles and motor vehicles frequently result in serious injuries due to the vulnerability of the rider. If the driver of the motor vehicle was responsible for the accident, the injured rider has the right to place a claim to recover compensation. This is important because serious injuries can result in the rider spending time in the hospital with, resulting in high medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

Losses That Are Covered in a Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury lawyer can help the injured rider in a bicycle collision obtain the compensation they deserve, which can include the following:

  • Medical: The rider can recover any and all of their medical expenses caused by the accident. This not only includes the ambulance, hospitalization and doctors’ fees but testing, surgeries, rehabilitative care and help if it’s needed once they go home afterward. If the trauma is ongoing and expected to continue, those costs can be calculated and figured into the settlement.
  • Wages: Those who are injured in an accident often either lose their income or take their paid vacation or sick time. These wages are recoverable as well as any pension or insurance benefits, bonuses, tips or other perks of their job. If they return to work but cannot perform the duties they did before the accident and have to take a lower-paying job, the difference in pay is included in the settlement. If the individual injured in the bicycle collision suffers a permanent disability, then the lost wages are calculated until they reach retirement age and are included.
  • Pain and suffering: These are non-economic damages that can be recovered following a bicycle collision accident. Compensation for not only the physical trauma the rider suffered is recoverable. Many times, those who are injured in a bicycle collision can end up suffering psychological and emotional trauma from the incident. From nightmares and reliving the accident to anxiety and even fear of going out of their home, it progresses to post-traumatic stress disorder in some. The professional care to treat this serious condition can be recovered.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Sacramento

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