Sacramento Accident Causes Head Injury

Sacramento Accident Causes Head Injury

Sacramento Accident Causes Head Injury

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento auto accident lawyer. A crash between two vehicles occurred on March 23 in the south side of the city, which resulted in a head injury to one person.

Accident Details

The accident happened shortly before 2:00 in the afternoon when a white Toyota Crossover collided with a Honda sedan along the right-hand side of Stockton Boulevard near the Super Mini Storage facility. According to the report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), one individual appeared to have suffered a head injury as a result, and an ambulance was called to attend to the injured person. No further information on the accident has been released at this time.

Head Injuries in Car Accidents

One of the worst injuries you can suffer in a car accident is a head injury. There are different levels of injury all of which have consequences. Let’s look at the different types of minor head injuries first.

  • Non-concussive injuries: These are blows to the head that are not hard enough to cause a concussion. However, they may cause a bump on the head due to blood accumulation under the skin. It is always a good idea to have any head injury checked by a medical professional to make sure no unseen damage has been done.
  • Scalp lacerations: The scalp is well-supplied with blood vessels. Even a small cut can bleed heavily. Many require sutures to stop the bleeding. A physician will also make sure to take steps to eliminate infection.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Such injuries are caused by a blow, bump or invasive injury to the head. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 1.3 million people go to the emergency room yearly for traumatic head injuries. Of these, 52,000 die and 275,000 are hospitalized. About eight out of 10 individuals are sent home after treatment. Approximately, $60 million is spent on medical costs and other entities related to the head injury.

Common Traumatic Head Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries that are commonly seen in car accidents are:

  • Brain contusion: This is a brain bruise that can form a hematoma (collection of blood) within the brain.
  • Skull fracture: This occurs when the bones in the skull are broken. There are two major types. Closed fractures do not break the skin. Open fractures do. If the site itself is not open and bleeding, bruising can be seen under the eyes (raccoon sign) or behind the ears (battle sign). Fractures usually heal by themselves. A blow to the back of the skull can cause spinal fluid to leak out from the nose or ears. It may require surgery.
  • Concussion:  A concussion can be minor or more serious. They are caused by a blow or bump to the head. They may also be caused by an invasive injury. Sometimes the head can strike the dash, causing a concussion. In a rear end collision, the forward and backward movement of the brain within the skull is enough to cause a concussion. People may or may not lose consciousness. The symptoms can vary from headache to nausea to dizziness and confusion among others.
  • Bleeding on the brain: This is caused when blood vessels bleed between the tissues covering the brain. It is called a subdural hematoma. Sometimes it will heal by itself as blood is reabsorbed. Other times, the blood will need to be drained by a surgeon.

Sacramento Auto Accident Lawyer

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