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RydeFreeRT Service Begins for Students

RydeFreeRT Service Begins for Students

A partnership between Sacramento Regional Transit and the City of Sacramento and other service areas is offering free rides for school students from Transitional Kindergarten through grade 12 with RydeFreeRT cards. The program will be running from October 1, 2019, through to September 30, 2020. Any student who is within the service boundaries for SacRT is eligible to take advantage of the RydeFreeRT program. During August and September in 2019, young people were required to purchase student passes for these months.

Details of the RydeFreeRT Cards

Through this innovative program, young people will be able to access SacRT buses, the SmaRT Ride microtransit system and light rail at no cost. The program runs every day, all day throughout the year during normal service hours. Participants in the program will receive a special sticker added to their student ID. Schools that do not provide student IDs will be supplied with cards for the RydeFreeRT program. If a student is not attending a school that is participating in the program, you can check back here to find out how to get one. The stickers are valid for a year of free travel, starting on October 1, 2019. Participating SacRT service areas include the City of Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Folsom and Rancho Cordova

More Details on the RydeFreeRT Program

Passes will be distributed to students at participating schools. Any student 18 or under who is currently homeless or who are part of a foster program outside of the service areas will be able to participate. A current school or residence address is not a factor for those who wish to participate in the program. If such students lack an ID card, they are still eligible. 

Benefits of the Program

The RydeFreeRT cards program is expected to provide a number of benefits in addition to free rides for young people. Some of the other benefits include:

  • It provides easy year-round access to public transportation.
  • It helps to invest in our children’s futures by giving them easier access to schools.
  • It allows the youth to find transportation to outside activities such as extracurricular events and internships.
  • It introduces public transit to young people and expands their awareness of this fast, easy way to travel.
  • It improves classroom attendance.
  • It helps fight traffic congestion and lowers greenhouse gases caused by vehicles.

How an Attorney Can Help

This wonderful program will help students from the Sacramento area reach their goals. However, given the increasing number of accidents in Sacramento and outlying areas, problems do surface. When this happens, I am available to provide the insight you may need free of charge. My firm is committed to helping the community and making sure that if an accident occurs, we are there when needed. We send our investigators to the accident site to gather evidence against an at-fault driver. We obtain video footage of the accident through traffic surveillance camera footage and those attached to storefronts in the area. If police reports have been made, we also review them for accuracy. Once this data has been amassed, our lawyers use it to build a strong case in your favor. 

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