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Runners Safety Tips

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October 19, 2017
Edward Smith

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Runners Safety Tips

I’m Ed Smith, a Vallejo pedestrian accident lawyer. For runners, there is almost nothing better than lacing up your sneakers and stretching out your legs for miles and miles. Running is a great way to escape from the stress of daily life and offers people an opportunity to re-center after a hard day.

Unfortunately, the daily routine of running comes with a serious risk of traumatic injury. Auto accidents involving runners have become all too common in recent years. The large size and fast speed of vehicles can leave runners with severe injuries, paralysis, and, in some cases, fatal injuries. Here are some ideas for runners to increase their safety and visibility while exercising.

Yield to Vehicles

Runners should remember that they are much more vulnerable than occupants of motor vehicles. Even if runners have the legal right of way, they should run defensively and be prepared to yield to vehicles. Cars won’t always do what they are supposed to, and being ready for the mistakes of vehicles means reducing your risk of injury.

Research Safe Routes

The more time you can spend on paths instead of roads, the safer you are. Finding running routes that make use of sidewalks, greenbelts, and park paths can reduce the amount of time that you are in danger of being struck by a vehicle. In order to access these safer paths, you may need to run on roads, but the main goal is to spend the most amount of time possible away from main streets and fast, dangerous cars.

If you have to run on a street, make sure that you do so while facing oncoming traffic so that you have a higher chance of noticing vehicles approaching you.

Stay Away from Distraction

Many runners like to run while using headphones or a cell phone. However, listening to music or taking calls using earbuds can prevent you from being able to hear oncoming traffic, making you more vulnerable while on the road. If you regularly run with a cell phone, it’s best to keep it in your pocket and avoid responding to texts and calls while running. Doing so will take your attention away from passing traffic and may prevent you from noticing things such as vehicles backing out of driveways or coming around corners.

Consider Timing

Although running in the early morning or late evening is convenient for many runners because of busy schedules or hot weather, these can also be some of the most dangerous running times. Dim lighting conditions during dawn and dusk can make it difficult for drivers to notice you. Additionally, motorists tend to be groggier during these times and, even if they aren’t impaired by drugs or alcohol, can still have slowed reaction times, making them more likely to collide with you.

Common Running Collision Injuries

Pedestrians are liable to receive a wide variety of injuries when struck by motor vehicles. However, some more common injuries that pedestrians receive include broken femurs and brain injuries. Additionally, pedestrians involved in serious collisions are at high risk for fatal injuries.

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