Roseville Uber Accident Kills Pedestrian

Uber Accident on Sunrise Boulevard Kills Pedestrian

An Uber accident occurred in Roseville on December 13 when the driver struck and killed a pedestrian. The accident happened along Sunrise Boulevard near Twin Oaks Avenue around 2:00 in the morning. The incident report issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said the Uber driver was giving a ride to someone when the pedestrian walked in front of the vehicle. 

Pedestrian Was Outside the Crosswalk at the Time of the Fatal Accident

The pedestrian was not using a crosswalk at the time of the Uber accident and died at the scene. The driver of the Uber remained at the accident scene and was cooperating with investigators into the cause of the crash.

Recovering Damages for Accident Injuries and Fatalities Caused by an Uber

Auto insurance is required for every Uber driver. When drivers are working for Uber, however, they are covered by additional insurance. When injuries or deaths occur as the result of an Uber accident, the company provides the following insurance. Uber’s third-party liability policy covers the following:

  • A person can be awarded a maximum of $50,000 for bodily injury
  • A $100,000 bodily injury policy per accident is included
  • The policy provides $25,000 for property damage

Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Claim

At-fault parties’ insurance companies usually settle injury or fatality claims. It is possible, however, that you will find out that not all of your losses are covered if you negotiate your claim yourself. Since insurance companies are in business to make money, getting legal help can be a positive move. As a result of using an injury lawyer for your claim in an Uber accident, you will likely recover two to three times more than you could on your own. We can assist you in the following ways:

  • Our accident attorneys offer free consultations to review your case, answer your questions and explain your options for recovering damages.
  • By gathering evidence to show the at-fault party caused the fatal accident, our investigators establish liability for an incident.
  • We can calculate the value of your claim based on all your losses, including funeral and burial costs, lost wages and pain and suffering. So, you know roughly how much compensation your family can expect by filing a wrongful death claim.
  • Each step of the legal process is explained to you, and we keep you informed.
  • Our investigators conduct interviews with witnesses, search for surveillance cameras that might have captured your collision as it happened, perform accident reconstruction and employ other methods to prove your claim.

We prepare a solid case for your claim for wrongful death compensation based on the evidence collected by our investigators. A settlement is negotiated on your behalf with the at-fault party’s insurance company using this information. Our evidence can be used to present your case in civil court if the insurance company refuses to pay you what you are owed.

Roseville Personal Injury Lawyer

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