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Roseville: Rain Increases Car Accidents

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January 30, 2016
Edward Smith

Roseville: Rain Increases Car Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville Car Accident Lawyer. El Nino is hitting hard in the Sacramento area, and police reports show that the sudden increase in rainfall has been especially hard on drivers in Roseville, CA.

From January 21st to January 26th, emergency responders answered 9-1-1 calls from 19 auto accidents on the highways around Roseville. The most serious of these accidents occurred on Friday, January 22nd, around 2:45 PM. Roseville police reported that three vehicles collided; the cause was one driver, going north, lost control of their vehicle and swung into oncoming traffic. That vehicle – a Nissan Versa – side-swiped a Pontiac sedan, which was also driving through the downpour. The Versa continued into oncoming traffic and collided head-on with a Nissan Altima.

Four people suffered injuries in the three-car accident, and were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Monday, January 25th saw another large auto accident, this time between a Honda Accord and Hyundai Accent. During rush hour, the two vehicles collided, which the Roseville police believed was caused again by wet roads, in addition to the stress of high traffic. One person was transported to a local hospital for treatment of their injuries.

Road Conditions Increase Auto Accident Probability

Meteorologists say that this is an El Nino year, so weather, especially in the winter, will be wetter than usual. This is bad news for California drivers, who are, for the most part, used to dry conditions. However, poor driving is not just a problem for California’s residents; statistically, drivers all over the country are worse in rainy conditions than clear. Nationally, 47 percent of auto accidents due to weather occur because of rain. The US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration gathered statistics on drivers’ potential crash risk in bad weather, and while 87 percent of study participants said they reduced their speed by an average of 11 percent in bad weather, researchers showed that the risk of auto accidents went up when rainfall came after a period of dry weather. Drivers simply weren’t mentally prepared to handle slick roads or reduced visibility.

The weekend of January 29th does not appear to be any better for weather, so drivers should be extra cautious while out and about on the roads. While most people give this cautionary advice to make drivers monitor their own driving, it is equally important to monitor other vehicles on the road, as well. While defensive driving may not always prevent a car accident, it can certainly help reduce the potential.

The US DOT study added that drivers tend to view rainfall as dangerous, but not wet roads when there is no rain. It is important to remember that roads take time to dry, and slick conditions can still be hazardous, even when there is no actual rain to reduce visibility.

While rain and wet conditions certainly contribute to car crashes, awareness helps. Distracted driving, speeding, and emotional stress caused by poor driving conditions like rush hour or weather incidents can also increase the risk to drivers of an auto accident. Keep an eye on the weather in Roseville, CA, and keep an eye out for other drivers.

Roseville Auto Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

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