Roseville Major Crash Causes Severe Trauma to Pedestrian

Pedestrian Injured on Foothills Boulevard in Roseville Major Crash

A female pedestrian was seriously injured in a Roseville major crash on November 22 after being hit by a motor vehicle. The collision occurred near Foothills Boulevard with Main Street around 5:30 p.m., according to the Roseville Police Department. The pedestrian who was struck was estimated by authorities to be in her 20s or 30s. No additional information was provided. The investigation into how the collision occurred is being conducted by the Roseville Police Department.

Pedestrian Injuries in a Roseville Major Crash Caused by Negligent Drivers

In Northern California, pedestrian injuries are on the rise. Accidents would seldom happen if negligence weren’t involved, even if some injuries occur in a Roseville major crash due to an increase in the number of drivers and pedestrians. Various reasons can be attributed to negligence on the part of drivers and other entities, including:

  • The driver of a vehicle who runs a red light or stop sign can cause a pedestrian at any time, especially in the dark.
  • The speeding driver may be unable to avoid striking a pedestrian up ahead because he or she is going too fast to stop.
  • Accidents involving pedestrians occur as a result of distracted driving. It takes about five seconds to look down at your phone to send a text, which can mean the difference between hitting someone on foot and not.
  • When alcohol or drugs are consumed, reflexes are impaired, judgment is clouded, and vision is affected, which can easily cause a collision.
  • An intersection can be hazardous when a traffic signal malfunctions or a walk light is mistimed. In addition, the lack of proper lighting at intersections and roadways can lead to pedestrian accidents. A government entity responsible for maintaining the road can be held responsible if they make a mistake. Injuries against government agencies have a much shorter time limit, so it is best to hire an injury attorney to ensure paperwork is filed on time. If this does not happen, the court will not hear the case.

Evidence Collection for Pedestrian Accident Claims

Evidence must be collected against the driver or entity responsible for the Roseville major crash before a claim can proceed. Investigators collect the evidence. Evidence collection may include:

  • It is important to examine the police accident report to ensure accuracy since any errors could impede the client’s claim.
  • Investigators examine surveillance cameras in the area to see if the pedestrian accident was recorded. 
  • Investigators interview witnesses to obtain their statements about the accident.
  • Accident reconstruction performed by the investigators often determines a crash’s cause.
  • Traffic records are checked for previous accidents or infractions of the other party in the motor vehicle.

Our injury attorneys can utilize the evidence gathered during the investigation to build a solid case to support our client’s compensation claim.

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Roseville Pedestrian Injury Accident Lawyer

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