Roseville Dog Bite Injuries

Roseville Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Roseville Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville dog bite lawyer. Dog attacks can be a terrifying experience, whether you have a fear of dogs or not. If a dog attacks you, would you know what to do? Dog experts say your actions before, during and after the attack are important. Here are some tips in case you find yourself in a scary situation with a dog.

Look for Warning Signs

Dogs usually give off early warning signs before they attack. Some of the signs include:

  • The tail is up and stiff – When a dog’s tail is straight up and wagging firmly, this is a sign that a dog is feeling threatened and may show signs of aggression.
  • Wide stance – When a dog is standing with its legs apart and chest out, the dog is trying to look bigger to assert dominance.
  • Ears are perked up – When a dog’s ears are perked up, this a sign that the dog is watching the situation and feeling on edge.
  • Rigid and tense posture – When a dog’s posture is rigid and its muscles are stiff, this indicates aggression.
  • Barking or baring teeth – When a dog is barking at you or baring its teeth, it’s a sign that you are invading its personal space.

Handling a Potential Dog Attack

If you feel threatened by a hostile dog, you can try to soothe any aggressive dog behaviors before an attack occurs.

  • Stay calm and collected – Be still and don’t run. Since you won’t be able to outrun a dog, you will only make yourself a bigger target by running away. Dogs like to chase moving things. If a dog sees that you’re calm, it may not attack.
  • Avoid eye contact – Don’t look the dog directly in the eye. Dogs see this as a challenge.
  • Back away slowly If a dog is coming toward you, slowly back away while facing the dog. If the dog sees you are backing away, it may stop the aggression.

Watch YouTube Video: How to Survive a Dog Attack. The video explains what should you do if you’re attacked by an aggressive dog.

What to Do During a Dog Attack

If a dog is attacking you, there are several steps to take to fight off the dog and protect yourself.

  • Put an object between you and the dog.
  • Protect your neck, face, and groin.
  • Protect your fingers by closing your hands into a fist.
  • Remain still and call for help.
  • Curl into a ball and tuck your head if you fall over.
  • Kick the dog to free yourself.

What to Do if Attacked

If the bite is a serious injury, call 911 and seek urgent medical attention. Otherwise:

  • Immediately wash the bite wound thoroughly with soap and running water.
  • Confirm whether the dog has rabies.
  • Report the incident to police and vet.

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