Roseville Collision Involving SUV Causes Motorcyclist Fatality

Motorcyclist Fatality Occurs in Roseville Collision on Sunrise Avenue

A Roseville collision on September 5 between an SUV and two motorcycles caused the fatality of one rider and injuries to the other. The accident happened near the Sunrise Avenue intersection with Coloma Way around 5:00 p.m. One motorcyclist perished at the accident scene, according to the Roseville Police Department. The other rider was taken to a hospital with injuries. 

Fatality/Injury Accident Under Investigation to Determine Fault

Both motorcycles, like the SUV, were removed from the Roseville collision scene, which exhibited significant damage to its hood and side. Sunrise Avenue was shut down from Coloma Way to Kirby Way as an investigation into the accident’s cause was conducted. The County Coroner’s Office will release the name of the deceased motorcyclist once the family has been notified of the death. 

The Dangers of Motorcycle Collision

Because of their vulnerability, motorcyclists suffer severe injuries or are killed in accidents. Many times, it’s the driver of a motor vehicle who is negligent and causes the collision, such as:

  • The driver runs a red light and strikes a motorcycle rider in an intersection.
  • The motorist turns left in front of a rider, causing a crash. In many cases such as these, the driver has failed to realize a vehicle coming toward them may be much closer and moving faster than they think.
  • The driver is speeding and cannot stop in time to avoid a Roseville collision involving a motorcycle rider.
  • The motorist stops short before a motorcyclist, which can eject the rider from their bike, causing traumatic injuries.
  • A distracted motorist is texting or talking on their cell phone and slides into an oncoming lane, causing a severe Roseville collision.

There are many ways a motorist can be negligent and cause an accident involving a motorcyclist. If someone is injured or a family member dies in a crash involving a motorcycle, an accident lawyer may be able to help recover compensation for them by filing either a personal injury or wrongful death claim. The lawyer examines the accident scene and collects evidence to prove fault. They also calculate the damages the grieving family or injured rider might be able to recover. Finally, the lawyer can negotiate with the at-fault motorist’s insurance company or take the case to court if necessary. 

Motorcyclists and Negative Views

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are sometimes viewed negatively by insurance companies and juries because they are seen as reckless due to old depictions of them in movies. The success of your case may depend on an attorney who knows how to deal with negative comments made by insurance companies and juries regarding motorcycle riders. Our law firm has successfully recovered compensation for many families who have suffered an injury or lost a loved one in a motorcycle collision.

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