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January 31, 2016
Edward Smith

Roseville Car Crash Fatality

Roseville Car Crash Fatality

Roseville, California, is generally a safe place to live and drive. However, a single-person automobile accident, which led to the driver’s death, raises many concerns regarding vehicle and road safety.

A little after 11 PM on Thursday, January 28th, a driver in his mid-30s swerved and hit a telephone pole, killing the man. He had no passengers, and his name had not yet been released.

Roseville police say the driver had no evidence of alcohol or drugs in his system, so it is unlikely the crash was caused by the driver’s impairment. However, police did note that the driver was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Roseville investigators are still working hard to determine the cause of the crash, but many factors could be involved. It is tempting to blame the driver himself for reckless behavior, but speeding, intoxication, and distraction are not the only causes of auto accidents. Many other factors, such as road conditions and the vehicle’s safety, come into play.

Causes of Personal Injury or Death in Auto Accidents

Obvious causes in a stereotypical car accident could be that one driver is drunk or distracted by their cell phone. The driver could be speeding, especially if the road is wet. Going too fast for conditions can cause a car crash. However, a single-car accident can occur even if the driver is sober, attentive, and responsible. Defects in the vehicle are an unfortunately common cause of serious car accidents which involve at least one person.

Data gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for 2015 shows that 44,000 fatal car crashes nationwide were caused by vehicle product defects. Of those crashes, problems with the tires or wheel made up 15,000 crashes; defective brakes caused 10,000 crashes; steering or transmission problems were 2,000 crashes; and “other” reasons like the ongoing GM ignition switch problem caused 17,000 crashes.

The survey showed that driver error and poor weather made up the majority of reasons for fatal auto accidents. This should not, however, lead people to automatically assume that driver error is the reason for a crash. Insurance companies may try to blame the driver, but investigations are critical so that responsible drivers and their loved ones are not forced to deal with high medical bills and lost wages without help.

Regarding defective vehicle products, car manufacturers must be held accountable for putting consumers in danger. Whether the defect was caused in the design process or during manufacturing, companies must recall vehicles as soon as they are shown to be unsafe. Unfortunately, not all automobile manufacturers will do this until several people have died or been severely injured. GM’s decade-long ignition switch problem is the most recent example, but many other defects cause serious auto accidents, leading to personal injury or even death.

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