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November 05, 2018
Edward Smith

Rosemont Motorcycle Crash

Rosemont Motorcycle Crash

Rosemont Motorcycle Crash. Being involved in a Rosemont motorcycle crash has high odds since California has the most significant number of motorcyclists and accidents in the country. Beautiful scenery, challenging roads and a pleasant climate naturally makes bikers want to take to the open highways to take advantage of all that California has to offer. Since Rosemont is located between Lincoln Highway and California 16, riders have little choice but to take to the roadways to reach their destinations. According to studies, look over the most common accidents involving motorcyclists and ways they might be avoided.

Motorcycle Crash Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2016, motorcyclists died on America’s roads 26 times more often than motorists. Safe riding practices can increase the odds of a rider making it to his or her destination safely. Although drivers are expected to look out for motorcyclists, they don’t always do so. This leaves the bike rider with the burden of having to shoulder most of the responsibility in staying safe from a crash.

Left-Turning Drivers

The majority (42 percent) of motorcycle accidents involve a motorist making a left turn in front of the biker. If possible, look at traffic coming from up ahead on the right, and watch for turned wheels, signal light on and whether the motorist is looking in your direction. Slow down when approaching so you can change lanes if necessary to avoid a Rosemont motorcycle crash.

Blind Spots

A motorcycle rider riding in the blind spot of a motor vehicle is always a problem when the driver suddenly decides to switch lanes. It can be worse on heavily trafficked roads such as freeways. Try to stay out of any potential blind spots. Don’t depend on the old “if you see the driver, then he or she can see you” standard. Drivers don’t always check their side mirrors before changing lanes, which can cause severe injuries or wrongful death to a motorcycle rider.

Taking Corners

Slow down around curves, especially if there is gravel or dirt on the road or the pavement is wet. Speeding while going around a corner or curve is one of the best ways to end up in a Rosemont motorcycle crash. Trail braking may be helpful where you continue braking beyond the turn-in point.

Hitting Gravel

Although motorcyclists don’t intentionally hit gravel, leaves, sand and other obstacles, since it can cause a crash, it does happen because motorcycle riders face unique risks. Your vision of the road ahead can help avoid this type of accident. As your line of sight increases, you can speed up.

Lane Splitting

California is the only state that permits lane splitting, and when it is done cautiously, it can save a rider time getting to his or her destination. Done imprudently, it can result in a serious motorcycle accident. It is advised that lane sharing should only be used when the traffic is moving at 30 mph or less. Also, the rider should not go beyond ten mph faster than the rest of the traffic. However, remember that motorcycle riders have rights when involved in a collision and are entitled to compensation when a negligent driver has caused an accident.

Rosemont Personal Injury Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Rosemont Personal Injury Lawyer. A motorcycle collision with another vehicle can leave behind serious injuries that cause high medical bills, time lost from work and additional expenses. If negligence on the part of the motorist was the cause for the crash, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you need and deserve. I can be contacted at (916) 921-6400 in the Rosemont area for free and friendly advice. I also have a toll-free line at (800) 404-5400 and an online contact page.

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