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Rollover Accident Causes Injuries in Single-Vehicle Incident

Accident on SR 51 Occurs Involving Solo Vehicle Rollover

A rollover accident happened in Sacramento on February 13 that injured the driver. The incident occurred around 5:40 p.m. on northbound State Route 51, just north of the eastbound E Street on-ramp. No details were provided by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) on what caused the single-vehicle crash. 

Solo Vehicle Blocks Traffic in Rollover Accident

The vehicle was found overturned in the middle lane and was blocking traffic. The Sacramento Fire Department was called to the scene to extricate the driver and assess their injuries. A tow truck was also needed to remove the vehicle. 

Accident Under Investigation

At the time of this report, no information has been released on the severity of injuries to the driver or whether they were treated at the rollover accident scene or transported to a hospital. The single-vehicle accident is under investigation by the CHP to find out what caused the crash.

Solo Vehicle Crashes

Most accidents involving only one vehicle are the result of negligence on the part of the driver. However, not all are. Following are some of the ways an outside influence can cause a single-vehicle rollover accident:

  • Fleeing driver: A hit-and-run driver can cause a rollover accident and then leave the scene.
  • Aggressive driver: A driver who is aggressive shows little regard for other motorists and may tailgate, cut in and out of traffic or try to force someone off the road. When another vehicle is struck by an aggressive driver or forced off the road, it can cause it to overturn.
  • Government negligence: Potholes, fissures, or cracks in the roadway, debris, and other problems can lead to a single-vehicle rollover accident.
  • Auto defects: A defect with the brakes, steering, engine, or other problems can cause a rollover accident involving only one vehicle. The designer, manufacturer, and others can be held responsible through an auto product liability lawsuit.
  • Flying objects: When an object falls off a car or truck, especially something that is large, it can result in an accident that causes a rollover. In these cases, the driver who did not properly secure the item can be held liable for any injuries the accident caused.

Retaining the Vehicle Following a Rollover

Because mechanical defects and other reasons can cause a rollover accident, it is important to retain the vehicle. In this way, it can be examined to see if a hit-and-run driver, aggressive motorist, government negligence, or an auto defect was the cause. If one of these reasons led to the accident, our investigators can go to work to find out what happened. Among the areas where they search for evidence are:

  • The police report is reviewed, and witnesses are interviewed.
  • Traffic, business, and other surveillance systems in the area are checked to see if the accident was captured on film.
  • Accident reconstruction is performed, which can show the path of the vehicle before, during, and after the crash. This type of evidence can illustrate how the collision occurred and what happened
  • If roof crush is involved, our investigators examine the preserved vehicle for structural defects. If found, a product liability lawsuit can be filed against the manufacturer.
  • The accident scene itself is examined to find out if government negligence was the cause of the rollover.

Once the evidence is compiled, our injury lawyers can use it to construct a strong case that benefits our client’s compensation claim. It can be useful in negotiations with an insurance company or be presented in civil court to obtain compensation for our client. 

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