Rolling On The River

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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling On The River

The song, Proud Mary, brings instant memories of my adventurous and youthful bicycle riding days.

Ever notice how certain melodies have this uncanny ability to take us back in time?

When I hear this song — I’m a kid again.  I’m out riding my bike with school kids from the neighborhood.

Oh the memories of me on my bike, a mouth full of Bazooka gum, and crazy-cool motorcycle sounds coming from my bicycle spokes.

My spokes didn’t have just one playing card connected by a clothespin to create its sound.  It had several playing cards attached.  The louder the better.

That bike of mine wasn’t fancy, but I rode her loud and proud anyway.  Oh, the good old days of the early 60’s.

Fast forward to 2015.   I’m older now, but I can still get on a bike and just roll with it.  Minus, the motorcycle sounds, of course!

After reminiscing to the song Proud Mary recently, I’ve decided to go Rolling, Rolling, Rolling on the river!

American River Bike Trail – Rancho Cordova

The American River Bike Trail clings to the banks of the tranquil American River.  This trail is also known as the “Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail.”

It has been referred to as the “Jewel of Sacramento”.  It is pretty special as it meanders through a breathtaking natural habitat.

This habitat is lovingly preserved by a foundation called the American River Parkway.

An incredible 23-mile bike trail that starts in Old Sacramento and ends at Folsom Reservoir.

To view a map of the trail and a graphic listing of all the various habitats along the river, click here.

What else can be found along the trail?

There are many shady areas to stop and enjoy along the two-lane trail.  The path is completely paved.  It is decked with mile markers and trail side maps throughout.  Be advised that most of the trail is level, although the path wanders through some rolling terrain.

I was thrilled to learn of the various places to stop to eat, rest or even drop a line in and catch a fish. There are water fountains and restrooms.

While you are taking in all the river wildlife, you’ll also pass through many lovely parks and swimming areas.  Don’t be surprised when you enter into some of the suburban enclaves of Sacramento as well. About 2 miles of the trail stretches across a roadway in a designated bike lane.

This favorite trail is enjoyed and shared by many types of users, such as in-line skaters and equestrians.

A little north of the Del Paso Boulevard area, near Azteca Stadium, the American River Bike Trail intersects with the Sacramento Northern Bike Trail.


Watch This American River Bike Trail Video

These kids remind me of the group I rode with when I was younger.  Click here to watch a five-minute American River Bike Trail Ride.

What’s stopping you from putting a video camera on your head and taking a roll down the American River Bike Trail in Rancho Cordova?

I know what song will be playing in the background of my YouTube video.  Proud Mary, by Creedence Clearwater Revival!


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Happy Trails!

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