Rio Linda Intersection Crash Results in Major Injuries

Accident at Intersection of Elkhorn Boulevard Involves Overturned Car

An intersection crash in Rio Linda between two vehicles caused major injuries to one person. The accident was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as occurring around 8:48 p.m. at the intersection of Elkhorn Boulevard and 18th Street. One of the vehicles, a Hyundai Santa Fe, ended up overturned onto its roof in a grassy area off the intersection. 

One Individual With Major Injuries Transported to Hospital After Intersection Crash

Local traffic was partially blocked, and both vehicles had to be removed by tow trucks. One individual involved in the collision suffered major injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital for additional treatment and evaluation. An investigation by the CHP is underway to determine how the intersection crash occurred and to place blame.

Serious Injuries Often Occur in an Intersection Crash

Anytime multiple vehicles, pedestrians, bicycle riders and motorcyclists are converging in a central location, serious accidents can happen. This is why more than half of all traffic accidents occur at these crossroads. Some of the more common causes of an intersection crash include:

  • A motorist running a red light or stop sign is probably the most common cause of an intersection crash. In some cases, these drivers are speeding and can’t stop. In others, especially at night, traffic may be lighter and the motorist doesn’t feel they have to stop.
  • A rear-end collision is a common type of intersection crash. In many of these cases, the driver is distracted because they are texting, talking on their cell phone or chatting with passengers and not paying attention to the traffic. 
  • Making a risky right turn leads to some accidents that occur at intersections. Not only does the driver have to try and see past other vehicles waiting at the intersection, he/she also has to be cognizant of pedestrians and bicyclists legally crossing the street at the same time. Unfortunately, some drivers look to their left but forget to check their right before turning, which can cause a serious intersection crash.
  • Turning left after the arrow has changed can cause a collision. Because traffic moves into the intersection quickly when the light turns green, a driver who tries to sneak through and turn left in the intersection risks a head-on collision.
  • Performing an illegal U-turn can lead to an intersection crash. Although U-turns are allowed in some intersections, when a driver makes one where it is prohibited, it can lead to a serious accident because other drivers don’t expect anyone to make this maneuver.

What Can I Recover by Filing a Personal Injury Claim?

Those who suffer injuries in an intersection crash caused by the negligence of another driver may recover the following when filing a personal injury claim:

  • All the medical expenses associated with your accident can be recovered, including the ambulance, hospitalization, testing, medications, surgeries and rehabilitation afterward. If the injury continues into the future, that amount is factored into the claim.
  • Wages lost from the inability to work may be recovered, including any tips, bonuses and others.
  • Compensation for your pain and suffering whether it is physical, psychological or emotional can be recovered. Your Rio Linda attorney can explain what this entails.

In the video that follows, car accident lawyer Ed Smith discusses whether it is worthwhile to file an accident claim:

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