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Reducing Road Rage

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October 06, 2016
Edward Smith

Reducing Road Rage

Reducing Road Rage

Reducing Road Rage

I’m Ed Smith, a Tracy auto accident attorney. Aggressive drivers are taking over the roadways which are creating potential risks for other motorists. Sometimes, this results in road rage situations which can lead to vehicular accidents. The most effective way to avoiding road rage is by dissociating yourself from aggressive drivers on the road and identifying your own driving behavior.

Do You Drive Aggressively?

A way to avoid road rage is by taking your driving behavior into account. If you find that your driving personality is upsetting to other drivers, attempt to adjust it. By doing so, you could possibly save your life by decreasing your risk from being involved in an altercation with someone or a tragic vehicular accident.

Reducing Road Rage by Recognizing the Forms of Aggressive Driving

The most common forms of aggressive driving include:

  • Honking your horn
  • Tailgating
  • Cutting off a motorist
  • Driving under the speed limit (mainly in the left lane)
  • Gesturing in an angry demeanor (waving the universal birdie sign)

How You Can Avoid Road Rage

To prevent yourself from participating in aggressive driving behaviors, always pay attention to the road and your surroundings. Setting good driving habits such as leaving at least two car length distances from the motorist in front of your vehicle on the freeway can save your life. Give yourself extra time if you find yourself in distress or angry while you are driving to work or school. If you identify your aggressive driving patterns and correct them, you can make yourself a safer driver and save yourself from endless headaches and fights while driving.

Other poor driving habits may upset and offend other drivers on the roadway. These driving behaviors consist of:

If you disengage yourself from the following driving patterns, you can create a safe driving environment and avoid angering other motorists.

Identifying Road Rage from the Start

The same negative driving conduct listed above can be used to identify other drivers that may also create road rage situations. It is always important to prevent these encounters from escalating. We hear all to often on the news how violence can break out in a road rage encounter. So allow yourself to regain composure when someone upsets you on the highway. Never make eye contact if a driver is directing their road rage behaviors towards you. Always drive to a public place and call for assistance if you believe that you are being followed by an aggravated driver. Never get out of your vehicle and never pull over to the side of the roadway to make contact with the other motorist. The ability to identify road rage from the start can save your life in the long run.

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