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April 29, 2019
Edward Smith

Redding Train Crash Kills One

Local authorities have reported that a fatal train crash took place in Redding during the early morning on Monday, April 29, 2019. Redding Police Department (RPD) stated that the collision left a pedestrian with fatal injuries. The decedent was identified by police as a 60-year-old man. However, county authorities are currently withholding the man’s identity. My condolences are extended to those who’ve lost somebody they love because of this tragic incident.

Accident Details

Officers arrived at the crash scene at about 2:00 a.m. on train tracks close to the intersection of State Route 273 and Breslauer Lane on the very south end of the city. The pedestrian had been standing on the train tracks when he was struck by a Union Pacific Train heading southbound from the city of Dunsmuir toward Roseville. Officers say that they are unsure of exactly when the collision took place. No further details about the accident have been provided by officials so far.


RPD investigators are currently looking into this accident to determine what factors may have caused it. Police have said that they currently do not know why the man was walking in the area of the train tracks.

What to Do After a Fatal Accident

After fatal accidents, people are commonly left feeling completely overwhelmed. Suddenly having to deal with the loss of a person that you care about can mean experiencing an intense set of emotions such as anxiety, anger, confusion, fatigue, and more. Coping with these feelings is a complicated issue, and many people need to take time away from their daily routines in order to heal emotionally. While taking time to rest and be with loved ones is important, it should not keep you from calling an attorney.

Typically, parties who are responsible for fatal accidents are quick to start building a legal defense. This is especially true for companies who recognize fatal accidents as a risk of their business. Having an attorney early on in a wrongful death case can prevent negligent parties from avoiding paying for expenses like lost income, funeral costs, and more.

How Can I Find a Trustworthy Attorney?

A very common problem for people who’ve been affected by fatal accidents is not knowing how to find a lawyer that they can trust. Wrongful death cases are emotionally charged and often legally complex. For this reason, it is very important to have a Redding wrongful death lawyer that you know has the right skills and experience to effectively handle your case. You should also feel personally comfortable with your attorney so that you can focus on emotional healing. To learn more about finding a good wrongful death lawyer, please watch the short video below:

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