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Redding Multi Car Crash

Redding Multi Car Crash

Redding Multiple Vehicle Crash

Redding Multi Car Crash

Hi I’m Ed Smith, a Redding Car Accident Attorney. A multi car crash occurred on Southbound I-5 at the Cypress Avenue ramp in Redding, California. Enterprise High School’s new football coach, Russell McWilliams, was involved and injured in the crash.

What Happened?

The multi vehicle collision occurred at approximately 2:40 pm on Wednesday, July 6. 26-year-old Shilee Davidson, of Anderson, was driving in a Buick where the vehicle precariously merged and collided with a semi truck. The driver of the semi truck was identified as 57-year-old Mark Davis, of Anderson. Davidson’s vehicle then maneuvered to the left and struck a Nissan pickup driven by 31-year-old Russell McWilliams, of Redding. After Davidson’s car struck McWilliam’s pickup, McWilliams pick up lost control, drove off of the roadway, and crashed into a tree.

California Highway Patrol Reports

According to California Highway Patrol, McWilliams sustained minor injuries. The multi vehicle collision consisted of three involved vehicles. California Highway Patrol also reports that McWilliam’s pick up contained two adult passengers and four children in his vehicle. McWilliam’s three-year-old daughter was one of the four children involved in the crash.

Enterprise High School Support Efforts

Russell McWilliams was driving a Nissan pick up to pull a U-Haul trailer to finish moving into his permanent home in Redding. McWilliams came from the football program at Gustine High School which is located west of Merced, California. According to Ryan Johnson, the principal of Enterprise High School, McWilliam’s three-year-old daughter was taken to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. McWilliam’s three-year-old daughter sustained severe head injuries as a result of the multiple vehicle collision. Russell McWilliam’s fellow coworkers at Enterprise High School have set up an emergency online donation page for the new varsity head football coach.

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