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Reckless Bicycling Witnessed on Churn Creek Road in Redding

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December 05, 2021
Edward Smith

Redding Man Injured in Bike Crash

A 28-year-old man from Redding was seriously injured when the bicycle he was riding collided with a sports utility vehicle (SUV) on the morning of Wednesday, December 1, 2021, on Churn Creek Road in Redding, California.

Details of the Churn Creek Road Bike Crash

The crash occurred shortly before 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

From witness reports, it appears that the bicyclist was driving recklessly and unsafely, which may have led to the collision. An SUV had been traveling south on Churn Creek Road when a man on a bicycle, who had been heading north on Churn Creek, cut through oncoming traffic in the vicinity of Hartnell Avenue. The cyclist began riding north within the southbound lane, at which time he was struck by the SUV and was ejected from his bicycle.

When authorities responded to the scene of the incident, they found the cyclist lying within a southbound lane of Churn Creek Road with what appeared to be broken bones. He was transported to an area hospital, Mercy Medical Center, for evaluation and treatment of his traumatic injuries. 

Investigation Assisted by Numerous Witnesses

Officers with the Redding Police Department reported that a large number of witnesses were on the scene, and they gave statements about the bicyclist’s actions before and at the time of the collision.

Additionally, the driver of the SUV remained at the crash site and cooperated with authorities. Police officers reported that the SUV driver attempted to stop, but there was simply no time to avoid the impact. The driver did not suffer any serious injuries in the collision.

Churn Creek Road Closed Following Crash

The southbound lane of Churn Creek Road was closed for about half an hour while officials tended to details of the investigation and scene inspection. 

Riding a Bike in the Wrong Direction

By all reports, the bicyclist that was injured in Redding on Wednesday was riding in the opposite direction from vehicle traffic. Doing so greatly increases the risk of a collision, and it is also against the law.

California Vehicle Code Section 21650 requires all vehicles (including bicycles) to ride on the right side of the road. In other words, cyclists must ride in the same direction as traffic. If a bicyclist ends up on the wrong side of the road, he or she should walk the bike until the road can be crossed safely. 

Liability for a Wrong-Way Bicycle Crash

Because the law is very clear on the issue, if a bicyclist is riding in the wrong direction and is struck by a vehicle and injured, it is likely that any claim for monetary damages will be reduced or denied. Even if the motorist also acted negligently, there will certainly be an allegation of contributory negligence on the part of the cyclist made by the motorist’s insurance company. A finding of contributory negligence will reduce any monetary award. Often, when a bicyclist is riding the wrong way and gets hit by a car, the fault is attributed solely to the rider, and the motor vehicle insurance will refuse any claim for damages outright.

Watch the YouTube video. Below is a short clip discussing who has the right-of-way when bicyclists ride near vehicle traffic.

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