Redding Car Burned

Redding Car Burned

Redding Car Burned

Redding Car Burned

Hi I’m Ed Smith, a Redding Personal Injury Lawyer. A male suspect has been arrested for intentionally lighting a 2010 Toyota Prius on fire in Redding, California.

What Happened?

The incident occurred at approximately 7:50 pm on Wednesday, July 6. Authorities had Streeter in custody at approximately 8:10 pm. 29-year-old Aaron Streeter allegedly poured flammable fluids onto the Prius, lit the vehicle on fire, and escaped from the scene. Redding Firefighters arrived on scene to put the fire out. While Streeter was lighting the Prius on fire, he burned himself while committing the crime and was treated at the hospital.

Redding Police Efforts

Redding Police arrested Streeter in the area surrounding South Market Street and Riverside Drive. The witnesses of the fire easily identified Streeter because he had tattoos all over his face. Streeter’s identifiable feature allowed police to conduct his arrest promptly. Streeter has been sent to the Shasta County Jail on charges of vandalism and felony arson. According to authorites, Streeter was released from parole on July 1, 2016 and has a criminal history background in Redding.

Prius Owner Background

The owner of the Prius, Jessica, reported that her boyfriend’s vehicle’s windows have been previously smashed. Jessica also stated that this is one of the several incidents that she has encountered that has caused her to want to move out of downtown Redding. Jessica has been left without transportation as a result of the incident.

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