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Red Light Cameras in Sacramento County Under New Contract

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August 27, 2019
Edward Smith

Sac County Approves New Contract for Red-Light Cameras

The red light cameras at 23 intersections have not been operational in Sacramento County since January. This is due to a contractual problem between the county and Conduent, a digital platform company that operates the city’s red-light cameras. The issue was Conduent’s failure to acquire the necessary permits. Negotiations between the company and the county ensued, but in May, the county ended their relationship with Conduent. A new contract with another company is set to begin soon, restoring the operation of the cameras.

How Your Lawyer Uses Red-Light Camera Footage

They say one photo is worth a thousand words. A video that sets the scene and shows vehicles moving through an intersection is even better. This is one reason that our firm obtains the footage of red-light cameras after a car accident. We also look for businesses located near intersections to obtain videos from their outdoor, storefront cameras. This is an important part of what our investigators do. They also interview witnesses, collect evidence at the accident site, and review police reports for accuracy. Once this data is accumulated, our legal team uses it to negotiate with the insurance company or incorporate it into a civil lawsuit. 

History of Red-Light Cameras in Sacramento

For almost 10 years, Sacramento County had relied on Redflex to operate the red light cameras in intersections. The contract, which spanned the years 2008 to 2018, was terminated in December 2018. The reason the county gave for doing this was that Conduent received a higher score from both the Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol (CHP). However, by May, the county was ready to part ways with Conduent. The company has said they did not break their contract with the county and that the move is not appropriate. The first red-light cameras were installed in 2009. This led to fewer collisions in the county from a high in 2008 at 541 crashes to 40 in 2017. The county makes $2.1 million dollars in revenue from red-light camera tickets. In all, roughly 16,460 citations are issued annually. 

Redflex Is Taking Over Again

Since Redflex has a long-standing relationship with the county, officials are confident the cameras will be operational soon. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office seconds that opinion due to its familiarity with the infrastructure and wiring that is already in place. They are hopeful that Redflex will have the cameras working again within a 30-day period. Redflex, based in Arizona, has had internal problems in the past. In 2013, a controversy developed after investigators found the company representatives provided Chicago officials with money and gifts. This led to the resignation of four high-ranking executives. Sacramento County remained a customer of Redflex after the issue was resolved. 

New Contract

The county board of supervisors approved a new contract with Redflex on August 20 for $1.7 million. This will ensure that the 25 cameras in the county will once again be functioning. 

Do Red Light Cameras Make Intersections Safer?

While the general consensus that red light cameras do make intersections safe, some studies take an exception to this belief. In Chicago, which boasts the largest number of cameras, their presence is linked to an increase in rear-end collisions. Another study in Texas focused on three, large cities in 2017. The researchers concluded that red-light cameras did not increase public safety. One group, the National Motorists Association, does not support the use of red-light cameras. The group advocates for longer yellow lights and bigger traffic signals with metal backs that shield drivers from glare. 

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