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Rancho Cordova Rural Accident Causes Multiple Injuries

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November 22, 2022
Edward Smith

Accident Near Prairie City Road Intersection Occurs Between Box Truck and Van

A rural accident east of Rancho Cordova injured four people, including a small child, on November 17. The accident occurred near the Prairie City Road intersection with White Rock Road, blocking the eastbound lanes. According to the report issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), a 20-30-foot-long Enterprise box truck was going west when it suddenly crossed over the median to the eastbound side where it collided with a Honda Odyssey.  

Box Truck Experiences Rollover in a Rural Accident

The box truck rolled over on its side, spilling a significant amount of diesel in the number two lane. The driver of the van suffered critical injuries in the rural accident and was taken by medical helicopter to UC Davis Medical Center. The two occupants of the box truck were also transported to a hospital with moderate to minor trauma. The child riding in the van was transported to a hospital in addition for minor trauma. 

Box Truck Spills Load on Highway in Rural Accident

The box truck had to be towed from the scene. It had apparently been hauling appliances, which fell out of the cargo area and were in the roadway. By 5:38 p.m., the westbound side of the roadway had reopened. The CHP is conducting an investigation into the accident to determine its cause. 

Accidents Involving Box Trucks 

As a result of their size, weight, and difficult handling, box trucks are often involved in collisions, even a rural accident. In addition to providing box truck rental services to large businesses like Amazon and UPS, U-Haul and Ryder also offer the service to private individuals. Negligence on the part of a box truck driver can cause an accident for several reasons:

  • Inexperience: New drivers may be unaware of the fact that box trucks handle differently, have large blind spots and require a longer stopping distance than passenger vehicles.
  • Driving while distracted: A driver may collide with another vehicle when they consult their delivery schedule or GPS directions.
  • Improper loading: If the load shifts or the driver turns sharply, a box truck loaded incorrectly can roll over and collide with other vehicles.

Box Truck Insurance Coverage

Typically, a company’s insurance policy covers at least $1 million in liability cases involving its vehicles. It is mandatory for private motorists who rent box trucks to have insurance coverage in case of an accident while driving, but policies usually cover only $15,000 to $30,000. In most cases, people who are injured in box truck accidents receive compensation for their losses from the negligent driver’s auto insurance. 

Rental Company Liability

The company may be liable for an injury accident caused by a box truck that was rented to a driver who had a suspended license or the truck had a mechanical defect. Following an injury accident involving a box truck, enlisting the help of a lawyer is important since liability issues, multiple insurance policies and other factors are complex.

Truck Accident Lawyer in Rancho Cordova 

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