Update | Rancho Cordova Double Casualty Accident When Vehicle Leaves Road

Single-Vehicle Collision on U.S. 50 Reportedly Involved Erratic Driver

A double casualty accident that left two people in critical condition happened in Rancho Cordova on September 5 when a vehicle exited the freeway. The collision was reported along eastbound U.S. 50 just west of the Sunrise Boulevard off-ramp around 6:51 following a report of a driver acting erratically. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) had received reports of a vehicle with a camper on the back all over the lanes, straddling the line and stopping in the roadway. 

Investigation Underway to Determine Cause of Casualty Accident

A short time later, the vehicle crashed off the freeway where it struck and brought down a 70-foot chain link fence, hit some trees and crashed into a vacant building. Two people were discovered in the vehicle with critical injuries as well as a dog that had died.

The vehicle was towed as evidence in the casualty accident, which was reportedly licensed in Santa Monica. An investigation is ongoing by the CHP to determine why the crash happened.

A recent update revealed that one party succumbed to their injuries from the incident. The Sacramento County Coroner’s Office has recently identified the deceased as 39-year-old Jonathan Wiley Bewley of Roseville.

Outside Influence in a Casualty Accident

Sometimes, a serious casualty accident is caused by an outside influence not driver error. A hit and run driver, defective auto parts or poor roadway maintenance can cause a car to go out of control. As a result, the driver may not be held liable for the accident and still be able to recover compensation. For example:

  • A hit-and-run driver may cause a motorist to swerve suddenly, causing the vehicle to lose balance. When this happens, the motorist might use corrective maneuvers to get back on track but this is difficult. More often than not, the motorist will lose control of their car, hit other vehicles or run off the road.
  • When defective auto parts are the problem, a motorist may suddenly be unable to steer or use the brakes effectively. In some cases, a defective tire may suddenly blow out, causing the driver to lose control, resulting in a serious casualty accident. In such cases, a product liability lawsuit can be filed against the auto manufacturer.
  • Proper roadway maintenance is an effective way to avoid accidents. However, frequently the agency in charge of maintenance fails to perform its duties, and potholes and other road defects mount. When this happens, a lawsuit can be filed against the government agency in charge. It is important to remember that the timeframe to file differs in these cases from other personal injury lawsuits. An injured individual has only six months to file a claim, an injury lawyer can help with the paperwork as well as negotiate a settlement with the government agency

If you have been involved in a car accident and believe that it may have been caused by an outside influence, you should contact an experienced car accident attorney. An attorney can help investigate the cause of the accident and determine who may be held liable. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages.

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