Update | Rancho Cordova Crash Claims Life of Motorcyclist

Motorcyclist Killed on Sunrise Boulevard in Rancho Cordova Crash

A Rancho Cordova Crash on September 20 claimed the life of an 18-year-old motorcyclist from Orangevale when they allegedly collided with another vehicle. The incident occurred around 6:00 p.m. along northbound Sunrise Boulevard along the overpass for Highway 50, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office. No additional information was released.

Multiple Lanes Closed for Hours in Rancho Cordova Crash Investigation

Multiple lanes along Sunrise Boulevard were shut down as a result. The fatal crash is under investigation by the Rancho Cordova Police Department to determine what happened. The County Coroner’s Office will release the deceased rider’s name once the family has been notified.

Accident Causes Involving Motorcycles

Unlike drivers of motor vehicles, motorcycle riders aren’t as protected from injury or death in a Rancho Cordova crash. The following factors may cause negligence:

  • Distracted driving is often the cause of a major accident. A motorcycle rider who is hit often suffers serious injuries or dies from being ejected.
  • Drunk drivers’ judgment and redacted reflexes often impair their judgment and safety. Despite spotting the rider, they may be unable to avoid striking the motorcyclist.
  • A dooring accident occurs when a passenger vehicle driver is negligent. A driver or passenger opens the car door without checking for traffic and causes a Rancho Cordova accident with a motorcycle rider.
  • Motor vehicle crashes with a motorcycle are primarily caused by unsafe left turns. In most cases, drivers complain that they didn’t see the rider. Drivers often see motorcycles but think they can beat them across the street. However, it is difficult to judge an oncoming vehicle’s distance and speed.
  • The condition of a roadway can play a significant role in the cause of a Rancho Cordova crash involving a motorcycle. In addition to potholes and fissures in the road, riders are susceptible to gravel, oil, and gravel upheavals. The government entity responsible for maintaining the roads may be responsible for injuries. You have six months to file this type of claim, so hiring an accident attorney might be a good idea.

Recoverable Damages in a Wrongful Death

In the years we have been handling motorcycle accident cases, we have had many successful settlements. When a family member is lost due to a negligent motorist or others, the family can file a wrongful death claim and recover compensation in areas such as the following:

  • Recovery of the wages the decedent would have earned until they reached retirement age as well as bonuses and insurance
  • Cost of the funeral expenses and the burial
  • Recovery of compensation for the spouse’s loss of consortium, love and affection the decedent provided
  • Compensation recovery for the children’s loss of parental guidance
  • Compensation to cover the replacement services of work the decedent performed around the home

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