Rancho Cordova Car Accident Causes Injury

Sunrise Boulevard On-Ramp Accident Causes Injury

A car accident in Rancho Cordova on January 22 caused injuries. The collision occurred around 2:33 p.m. along the southbound Sunrise Boulevard on-ramp to westbound U.S. 50. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that a Toyota Camry was involved in the accident, and one person was saying they had back pain from the collision. 

Cause of On-Ramp Accident Being Investigated

Details about the accident are slim, and information was not provided on what the motorist collided with. Whether the injured party was treated at the accident scene or taken to a hospital for additional care is unknown. An investigation is underway to determine how the collision occurred.

Accidents on Highway Ramps Can Easily Result in Major Injuries

Highway ramps are prone to accidents. The ramp itself is particularly dangerous when they occur. A vehicle can crash into the roadway below if it goes off the ramp due to the tight quarters. This type of collision occurs for several reasons:

  • It is common for motorists to enter ramps too fast, causing them to lose control and collide with other vehicles.
  • A driver changes lanes while on a ramp. Sideswipe accidents can occur on ramps due to tight traffic, which provides less protection to the side of a vehicle. 
  • Fourteen percent of highway ramp run-off-road accidents are caused by intoxicated drivers.
  • An off-ramp crash can be due to cutting off another vehicle.
  • Poorly designed ramps lead to major injuries. It may be possible to file a claim against the government entity responsible for maintaining the road with the help of a personal injury lawyer. This type of claim must be filed within six months. You may be able to obtain the best outcome by hiring an injury lawyer to handle negotiations with the government entity.
  • Vehicle defects can cause major injuries in accidents. A car accident can result in a major injury if your brakes or steering fails or your tire blows out, among other problems. When a vehicle is retained after a collision, engineers can examine it to determine whether a defect caused the crash. In cases where these problems cause a collision, the manufacturer and others may be held liable for the collision.

Managing a Case Involving a Serious Traffic Accident

An injured person may wish to file a claim against the at-fault party for compensation if they have been harmed because of negligence. Most compensation awards cover medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering for the injured party.

Despite the fact that injured parties can certainly negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company themselves, an injury lawyer will typically get clients two to three times more compensation than they would if they handled the claim themselves. The first consultation is free, during which the injured party can find out their options for recovering damages and have their case reviewed.

Car Accident Attorney in Rancho Cordova

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