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May 06, 2019
Edward Smith

Protecting Yourself Against a Dog Bite

In Sacramento, as well as the rest of the country, the threat of a dog bite is a continuing problem. This is especially true for walkers and joggers who are simply out getting some exercise. However, there are ways that people innocently walking or jogging down the street or sidewalk can have some protection against a dog attack. The following information may be helpful. Remember that in California, a dog owner is financially responsible for any injuries his or her pet causes.

Carry Some Protection

Most pedestrians who go jogging, running or on a walk don’t think about taking along protection against an aggressive dog. However, even on routes you are accustomed to following, a dog that has escaped from a yard or that is a stray may approach. Walkers may have a decreased risk of being attacked because of their slower speed. Those who are running or jogging may alert the prey instinct in a dog by their speed and arm movements. This can quickly become a dangerous situation. Following are some of the dos and don’ts that may keep an aggressive appearing dog from biting.

Avoid Dogs That You Know Are Aggressive

Avoiding a dog that doesn’t appear friendly is the first suggestion. If you are walking, riding a bicycle or jogging, take a different street, and avoid the one where the animal lives. By choosing to avoid this precaution, a dog attack is more likely.

Carry a Loud Whistle

Dogs have sensitive ears. The loud, shrill noise made by a whistle may be enough to make them back off. Most dogs will run away from a loud, threatening noise.

Carry a Stun Baton or Traditional Stun Gun

A stun baton or regular stun gun can provide good protection if a dog attacks you. Neither will cause any permanent damage to the dog. Just the threat of a baton or stun gun may be enough to make the animal back up and leave. The bright light and sound of a stun gun is something a dog would not be familiar with, and that is usually enough to stop any potential attack.

Carry a Spray Bottle

Put water in a spray bottle, and carry it with you when you are out getting some exercise. Some dogs will back off if they are sprayed with water. However, this may not work in all instances. Using a whistle or stun baton is a better idea to avoid serious injuries.

Hide Your Teeth

Showing your teeth and smiling can be wrongly interpreted by a dog as a sign of aggression. It is a better idea to keep your lips over your teeth so the dog will not feel threatened.

Don’t Look the Dog in the Eye

A dog will interpret looking them in the eyes as a sign of aggression and a challenge. You are better off looking at the dog using your peripheral vision.

Don’t Shout at the Dog

Although this may seem like a natural response to a threat, it can be wrongly interpreted by the animal. If the dog does not appear to be a stray, it may react to being firmly told “no,” or “stop.” Strays may not respond to commands, so having a protective device along is probably a better idea.

Sacramento Dog Bite Lawyer Ed Smith explains what damages are recoverable following a dog bite accident:

Contacting an Experienced Dog Bite Lawyer

No matter what precautions you take, you may still end up injured by a dog. This can result in medical bills, time away from work and additional costs. An experienced dog bite lawyer can help by explaining your options to recover financial damages or can handle your insurance claim. In this way, you can obtain the amount necessary to cover all of your loss.

Sacramento Dog Bite Lawyer

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