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How to Protect a Passenger on Your Motorcycle


How to Protect a Passenger on Your Motorcycle

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville Motorcycle Accident Attorney. Operating a motorcycle comes with a lot of responsibility, even more so if you have a passenger with you. No matter where you ride in Roseville, safety must be your number-one priority. We have compiled a list of tips for you to use in protecting your passenger.

Properly Train Your Passenger

You should never take someone out for a ride on your motorcycle if they’ve never been on a bike before. It’s a recipe for disaster. You must properly train your passenger in order to ensure his or her safety when the bike is in operation. This includes teaching them to lean with you as you lean, not against you. They should also turn their heads when the bike turns, just like the operator does. Instruct them to keep their feet on the pegs for the passenger until allowed to dismount the bike. Tell the passenger to hold onto you if there is no grab rail available for them.

Provide the Proper Gear

If you plan to take someone for a ride on your motorcycle, either tell them what type of gear they should wear, or make sure you have it for them to wear. This includes a helmet (full-faced if possible), leather clothing, closed-toed shoes, gloves and a reflective vest. Leather clothing is important because it helps to absorb road rash if the passenger is thrown from the motorcycle in an accident.

Teach Yourself How to Ride with a Passenger

This might be a little more difficult to do than teaching a passenger how to ride because you can only do this when there is a passenger on your motorcycle. Reduce your speed, use the throttle in a more gentle manner, and brake as early as possible when approaching a stop sign, red light, or stopped traffic. A passenger, especially a novice rider, will not have the reaction time you do on the bike. You need to adjust your driving habits when entertaining a passenger to ensure their safety.

Make Adjustments to the Motorcycle

Prior to a ride with a passenger, you will need to make adjustments to the motorcycle. This includes calibrating the suspension in an effort to account for the additional weight, moving the center of gravity closer to the rear of the motorcycle, and performing a thorough inspection of the bike. Check the tire pressure, fluid levels, wear on the chain and belts, brake pads and brake discs prior to the ride.

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