Prognosis of Wound Grafts

Prognosis of Wound Grafts

Prognosis of Wound Grafts

I’m Ed Smith, a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. When someone sustains a severe skin injury, it is possible that he or she could require a wound graft. Many factors are involved in the prognosis of wound grafts, and this can have an impact on someone’s quality of life. There are some reasons why someone may need a wound graft. Examples from the medical literature include:

  • Serious Infection: Sometimes, individuals can develop a severe infection. One example is a bacteria called pseudomonas. This bacteria produces gas that causes tissue necrosis. As the tissue dies, people need a wound graft to cover up the tissue defect.
  • Motorcycle Accident: A motorcycle accident can also lead to a wound graft. If someone isn’t wearing the proper protective equipment, he or she could suffer serious injuries. Some of these traumatic injuries could remove the skin from the tissue underneath. In this situation, the cut is too large to heal on its own.
  • Burn Injuries: Another common scenario involves a severe burn. If someone sustains a third-degree burn, massive tissue death can result. This means that the healing process cannot take place. To facilitate healing, a wound graft might be required.

An Overview: Factors Involved

The goal of every wound graft is to correctly take the place of the skin and tissue that it is replacing. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. According to a recent medical research article, several factors can improve the success rate of wound grafts. Some of these factors include:

  • Tissue Typing: For someone to have a successful graft, the body needs to accept the tissue as its own. This means appropriately typing the proteins on the graft to match the proteins of the recipient.
  • Compliance with Medication: Someone receiving a wound graft may be asked to take immunosuppressive medications. This will improve the success rate of the graft. If someone doesn’t take these medications, the body could reject the graft.
  • Quality of Blood Flow: A steady blood flow to the area is essential in the healing process. Without this blood flow, the graft may not heal properly. This can lead to graft failure.

Once the skin graft is in place, it is essential to investigate the circumstances of the accident thoroughly. There are personal injury lawyers available who can make this happen.

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