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Product Safety and Wrongful Death

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December 08, 2017
Edward Smith


Product Safety and Wrongful Death

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento wrongful death attorney. Wrongful death covers a broad area including motor vehicle accidents, deaths due to negligent health care and other areas where a death was due to negligence or an intentional criminal act. Products that are known to be dangerous and still sold also fall into this category.

Contaminated or Mislabeled Food Products

Contamination of food products may occur anywhere along the production line from the farmer/rancher to product labeling. For example, in the month of December so far, one brand of chocolate bar has been recalled for incorrect labeling. The unknown possible presence of nuts could have a fatal reaction in someone with a severe allergy. Bottled baby water under the name of a major grocery company was recalled due to mold. The Food and Drug Administration maintains an up-to-date list of recalls for foods, medical devices, drugs, cosmetics and other products.

Non-Edible Consumer Products

The Consumer Product Safety Commission maintains a list of recalls on non-edible products used by the consumer. December recalls include a recall on pajamas for children that don’t meet flame retardant standards set by the federal government. This recall is a return for a refund. Lack of flame protection could result in catastrophic burns to a child or even death.

Another recall was placed on two models of the Westinghouse portable generator. These generators may overheat, creating a fire hazard. This fire hazard may cause someone to suffer severe burn injuries. The model numbers are iGen2500 and iPro 2500. Consumers can contact Westinghouse for free repairs.

Recalls of Defective Products

Although defective products are eventually recalled, many of them make their way into our homes. Accident injuries and deaths that eventually trigger a recall are one of the ways dangerous products are discovered. Additionally, FDA may receive information from the company about a problem. FDA inspectors may perform an inspection and spot a potential problem. The fourth way is through contact with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While dangerous products that are recalled come under products liability in a personal injury, when death occurs, a victim’s family may sue for wrongful death.

Wrongful Death Compensation

A wrongful death suit allows the family to obtain compensation for the loss of their loved one’s financial contribution and expenses related to the death. This includes:

  • The cost of funeral and burial expenses
  • Inheritance that has been lost due to the death of the family member
  • Benefits the decedent would have been entitled to such as a retirement pension
  • Earnings the decedent would have accumulated had he or she lived
  • Lost emotional and other support, including loss of companionship and loss of consortium
  • Medical treatments that occurred pre-death.

Watch Youtube Video – What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit ~ For more information.

Sacramento Wrongful Death Attorney

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento wrongful death attorney. As an injury lawyer, I’m honored to help when you’ve lost a loved one because of negligence by another person or company. For my friendly and free advice, please call in the Sacramento area. Our toll-free number is (800) 404-5400. Additionally, you have the option of using the contact form at my website,

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