Prevent Swimming Pool Deaths This Year in Sacramento

Prevent Swimming Pool Deaths This Year in Sacramento

Prevent Swimming Pool Deaths This Year in Sacramento

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento wrongful death lawyer. Summertime can be great fun for your family when they go swimming. However, an accident while in the pool or spa caused by negligence can result in a wrongful death. For every child that accidentally drowns, five others are taken to emergency rooms for treatment due to a near drowning. Half of those children require hospitalization and may end up with traumatic brain injury, nerve damage or spinal cord injuries.

Accidental Drowning

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 3,536 drownings between 2005 and 2014 that were determined to be accidental. This number included two children each day that were 14 or under in age. For children from the ages of one and four, drowning is the number one cause of accidental death.

  • 67 percent of accidental drownings are to young children under the age of three.
  • 75 percent of the accidental drownings to those under age 15 happen in a swimming pool at a private residence.
  • 76 percent of drownings are to youngsters under 5.
  • 9 percent of drownings occur to children in portable pools.
  • 17 percent of the drownings of children under 15 happen in above-ground pools.

Most Common Reasons for Drownings

Following are major reasons that drownings occur. In addition to public or private pools, spas, hot tubs and even kiddie pools should be under adult supervision when children are playing in the water.

  • Faulty electrical wiring in a pool can cause shock or electrocution.
  • In a public pool, drowning may occur if a lifeguard is not on duty or is distracted and doesn’t notice a swimmer in trouble.
  • Lack of a barrier (fence and locked gate) around the pool can cause an accidental drowning if a child wanders in.
  • Pool drainage intakes that are damaged can cause suction that traps a swimmer’s hair, clothing or limb and result in a drowning accident.
  • Lack of supervision when children are in the pool can lead to drowning. This happens when the adult in charge is busy talking, reading, consuming alcohol or engaging in other activities instead of closely monitoring the children.

Drowning Through Negligence

In cases of accidental drowning because of negligence, an experienced wrongful death lawyer can tell you what your rights are and what damages may be recovered by surviving family members. Although this will not bring your loved one back, it may help compensate you for the financial and emotional trauma the family experienced.

How to Protect Children From Drowning

  • Familiarize your children with safety rules used around the pool. Posting a sign might help with older children. However, remind children of the safety rules whenever they go swimming.
  • Advanced swimming lessons can help; however, even a good swimmer can drown.
  • Use Coast Guard approved swimming vests for smaller children, and make sure they fit properly. A number of the products on the market as flotation aids are not approved and are removed easily or can slip off the child.
  • Always have adult supervision when children are swimming. In the event of an emergency, the adult should be carrying a cell phone. The adult should also just be watching the children, not swimming, reading or engaging in other activities.
  • Adults should take a class in CPR if they have a home pool or children who swim.
  • Buy a pool alarm, and ensure the gate to the pool is locked at all times when no one is in it.
  • Perform regular pool maintenance, including having the electrical wiring checked as well as the drainage intakes.
  • Learn the signs of a drowning person, so you recognize it when you see it.

Sacramento Wrongful Death Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento wrongful death lawyer. Losing a loved one through an accidental drowning caused by negligence is heartbreaking. Although your loved one can’t be returned to you, you can obtain compensation for your loss, which will pay for the funeral and burial costs, among other things. Please call me at (916) 921-6400 for compassionate, friendly and free advice. If you live outside the Sacramento area, I can be reached at (800) 404-5400.

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