Premises Liability Cases on the Rise

Premises Liability Issues

Wherever individuals and families travel, they place their trust in the owner of that establishment. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that every common-sense precaution has been employed to keep everyone safe and avoid a premises liability issue. Problems that could occur in a premises liability include:

  • Entering a building, such as a hotel
  • Parking in a parking garage
  • Renting an apartment, house, or condo
  • Going to the movies
  • Eating at a restaurant
  • Using a transportation center such as a bus stop, dock, marina, or airport

The Responsibilities of the Owner: Protecting the Trust of the Public

By setting foot on someone’s property, people are inherently placing their safety and their trust in the owner of that locale. Therefore, these owners have several responsibilities when it comes to the safety of those who visit their establishment. These include:

  • Doing research regarding the market before purchasing the property.
  • Being aware of any and all construction that has occurred on the property.
  • Knowing about all criminal activity that took place at the location.
  • Fixing mechanical issues with an elevator or escalator.
  • Making a good faith effort to prevent wet or slippery floors from arising.

If owners are negligent in performing these safety measures, they place vulnerable visitors in harm’s way.

Property Owners Could Be Negligent in Their Responsibilities

In the vast majority of cases, property owners act in good faith and take care of those who enter their establishment. Morally, the safety of their visitors should come first, and this inspires loyalty and trust in their potential customers. On the other hand, if someone suffers a traumatic injury in their establishment, specific questions need to be asked.

In some cases, property owners knew about some pre-existing issues and didn’t do anything to correct them. This placed their visitors in harm’s way. Sometimes, owners and occupiers care more about selling units or making money instead of the safety of those who depend on them. Some of the potential examples of serious concerns include:

  • Absence of security when crime rates are a known problem in a particular location.
  • Malfunctioning or improperly maintained elevators that place visitors at risk.
  • Slip and fall injuries on wet or slick floors.
  • Employees who have a lack of training when it comes to spotting problems on the property.

These injuries can place families under a significant amount of financial and emotional stress.

Watch YouTube Video: Use These Tips to Stop Slip Trips Falls. The following video provides safety tips to help you gain an understanding of what causes slip and fall accidents and how to prevent them.

Sacramento Premises Liability Lawyer: Substantial Verdicts 

Fortunately, courts and juries have taken notice of the severe problems that could arise in premises liability cases. Visitors place their faith in the establishment owners to keep them safe. When owners know about potential issues and do nothing to fix them, they put their visitors in harm’s way. Because spending money to rectify the problems on their property does not lead to an immediate financial return, some building owners will not correct these issues. This could result in serious injuries that could permanently impact someone. This is where a Sacramento Premises Liability Lawyer can provide assistance.

Sacramento Premises Liability Lawyer

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