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Pollock Pines Area Crash Kills One, Injures Two

Fatal Pollock Pines Area Crash

On Thursday, February 6, 2020, a Pollock Pines area crash tragically left one person with deadly injuries. Additionally, the crash caused two other people serious trauma. The decedent has been identified by El Dorado County authorities as Jan Macke, an 89-year-old woman from the community of Fair Oaks. The two injured individuals were in hospital care at the time of reporting, and updates on their medical conditions were unavailable.

Crash Details

California Highway Patrol (CHP) stated that the accident occurred at 6:20p.m. on Highway 50. Macke had been driving a 2014 Ford escape eastbound on the highway at an estimated speed of 65 miles per hour. For reasons that police say they do not currently understand, the Ford veered to the right and traveled over the double-yellow line into westbound lanes. As the Ford entered oncoming traffic, it collided head-on with a 2013 Toyota Sienna driven by a 56-year-old person and with a 55-year-old passenger inside. Both were identified as residents of Riverbank.


Emergency response officials were immediately sent to the crash scene after CHP was notified. When they arrived, they discovered that all three individuals involved in the crash were seriously injured. The driver of the Toyota was taken to the UC Davis Medical Center while the passenger was transported to Sutter Roseville via medical helicopter.

Macke was taken to the Marshall Hospital in Placerville, where doctors attempted to save her life. However, she tragically passed away in hospital custody.


CHP officers report that they are currently investigating the accident in hopes of understanding what causal factors were involved. According to investigators, neither alcohol nor drugs are currently suspected to have played a role in the collision. Additionally, police noted that the vehicle had entered a slight curve before Macke apparently lost control.

Investigating accidents in which one or more drivers have lost their lives can be very complicated. These drivers aren’t able to tell police what took place, meaning that investigators often don’t uncover important evidence like defective vehicle products or issues with the road. To ensure that the crash is investigated to the fullest extent, it’s important to reach out for help from an attorney who knows how to privately investigate fatal collisions.

Getting Help

After losing somebody that you love during a wreck, most people are in a very difficult place emotionally. Grief can be overwhelming and people commonly feel unable to deal with their normal lives after experiencing such a tragic event. For this reason, many want to delay calling an attorney. However, the sooner you contact a lawyer, the better they can make sure that negligent parties are held responsible. Furthermore, knowing that your case is in professional hands can help you focus on spending time healing with your friends and family.

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