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Injuries by Police K-9 Dog Bite


Injuries by Police K-9 Dog Bite

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Dog Bite Lawyer. Our police officers use highly trained Police K-9 dogs to help them in their purpose of maintaining public safety and by pursuing and apprehending suspects. There are situations where such an incident can cause traumatic injury to an individual who is wrongly apprehended. A case can be brought by the injured party. This is a complex scenario and requires the knowledge of an experienced dog bite attorney. Such an incident that happened last year has sparked a lawsuit in the city of Palo Alto. Here are the details:

The Details

The City of Palo Alto has just been sued by the family of a young Palo Alto teenager. The teenager received traumatic injuries when he was attacked by a police dog at about 2 a.m. in the morning last year. The lawsuit claims that the police pulled up with sirens and a gun drawn while responding to a call they had received. The teen alleges he was compliant with the police commands and had his hands up when the K-9 dog exited the back seat of a police vehicle and attacked the boy. The boy was then taken to a hospital following the incident by authorities and was arrested.

What we know

No reason for the arrest has been made public. Other sources claim that the police were responding to a call that allegedly claimed more than 6 young men were outside a store and one possessed a firearm. By the time the police arrived, the group had split and a smaller group had migrated to the area where the teen suffered the attack by the police K-9 dog. Due to the extreme nature of the attack on the teenage boy, the lawsuit claims it violated his civil rights. It also claims the attack and arrest have elements of racial profiling. Now it will be up to the courts to decide what happened in face of the evidence.

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