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Is Pokemon GO Causing Accidents in Sacramento?

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July 20, 2016
Edward Smith

Is Pokemon Go Causing Accidents in Sacramento?

Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm. People are out hunting Pokemon all over the world including right here in Sacramento.

What Is Pokemon Go?

If you had not heard, Pokemon GO is a game where trainers (players) go out into the real world with their phones to find Pokemon. Pokemon are virtual creatures that must be captured using Pokeballs which are available from Pokestops. Pokestops are all over the world and are typically found at historic places, monuments, churches, museums, and other places of interest.

What Is the Most Popular Place to Find Pokestops in Sacramento?

One of the most popular places in Sacramento is in Capitol Park. This park has been flooded with Pokemon Go enthusiasts. It isn’t just kids playing the game either. You will find players of all ages getting involved in this extremely addictive past time.

Is Pokemon GO Causing Accidents in Sacramento?

Unfortunately, some infatuated (and addicted) players are playing the game while driving. This is tempting for some as players must travel around to find new Pokemon to capture.

In other cases, people are crossing streets without looking up to see if cars are coming or not.

While we haven’t heard of any accidents in Sacramento just yet — they are definitely taking place in other parts of the US.

Sacramento Police Department Issues Pokemon Go Warning

Sacramento Police have issued the following safety warnings pertaining to Pokemon Go use:

  • DO NOT DRIVE while Pokemon’ing (ever).
  • Stay out of the street, be careful of hazards, watch your step.
  • Play in groups or with parents and be aware of lure deployed by strangers.
  • No trespassing on private property.

The game is also spawning massive Pokemon meetups all over the Sacramento area.

Have you been injured by someone playing Pokemon GO?

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