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Plane Crash Injures Two

Plane Crash Injures Two

I’m Ed Smith, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Sacramento. A plane crash at a private air strip in Calaveras County sent two men to a hospital on Thursday, December 14.

Runway Accident

Emergency personnel responded to the crash off of Hogan Dam Road late Thursday afternoon. Sheriff’s deputies report that the occupants of the aircraft, two men aged 72 and 75, were able to extricate themselves from the wreckage and had received medical treatment at the scene. Witnesses have suggested that the single engine Cessna may have clipped a tree near the end of the runway. It is not known whether or not the plane was taking off or landing at the time of the accident.

Plane Crash Injuries

Airplane crashes can result in devastating injuries. Both occupants of the aircraft that crashed in Calaveras county were transported by air ambulance to hospitals. The nature and extent of their injuries have not been released. Commonly suffered aircraft accident injuries include bone fracture, head and brain injuries, extremity trauma, and internal injuries. Deaths are not uncommon in the most catastrophic examples of airplane accidents.

Airplane Accident Statistics

While the odds of dying in an airplane crash are  about one in 29.4 million, deaths can still happen. Nearly 1/3 of aircraft accidents occur during takeoff or descent, with pilot error and mechanical failure representing the second and third most typical causes of airplane crashes.

  • Pilot Error: Pilot error is one of the most common reasons a plane crashes into the ground or other structural entities. Despite warning systems on most flights, pilot error can include intoxication, distraction, fatigue, or insufficient training.
  • Mechanical Failure: If a worn part is not serviced, it can fail and cause a catastrophic accident. Sometime, a defect in the original design of an aircraft or component-including mistakes during the manufacturing process-can lead to a mechanical failure and ultimately result in an accident. Negligence of this sort can lead to a products liability claim with the airline or manufacturer if a passenger is hurt in an accident.
  • Weather Related: Inclement weather is a significant risk factor for airplanes. Pilots are trained to fly in less than ideal weather conditions, however, sometimes this training has not been kept up to date or is otherwise lacking.

Three Dramatic Aircraft Incidents this Week

This crash, an earlier fiery forced landing at Sacramento’s Executive Airport, and the arrest of an unruly passenger aboard a southwest flight from Portland lit up the region’s headlines this week. While the risk of death or injury in an airplane crash is statistically low for most, this news is still troubling. When airplane crashes occur, the complexities of a resulting wrongful death or injury claim can require the expertise of an experienced airplane crash attorney. If you have been involved in such an accident, please visit my website for more information and to see how I can help. If you would like to read more about recent aircraft incidents in Northern California, please check out my related content below.

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