Plane Crash Emergency Landing Causes Collision With Sedan

Isabel Avenue Traffic Crash Involves Light Plane

A plane crash on February 23 close to the Livermore Municipal Airport occurred when it lost power and hit a motor vehicle while attempting an emergency landing. The accident happened around 5:00 p.m. along Isabel Avenue, which is an overpass that goes over I-580. When the plane landed, carrying Josh Redsun, the pilot, as well as his father, it struck a car, went into a skid, and turned around sideways.

How the Plane Crash Occurred

The pilot and his father were going to their home in Napa in a single-engine Mooney but quickly realized there was something wrong. They had just taken off when they lost power in the plane and only reached a height of around 500 feet when it began descending and reportedly struck the vehicle with its nose. When Air Traffic Control could no longer locate the plane on radar, they put out a call for the missing aircraft. 

When authorities arrived, they discovered both the plane and the sedan it hit on the road’s shoulder. Fortunately, no one was injured in the crash. The Federal Aviation Administration is charged with finding out the reason for the plane accident.

The Number of Private Flights Is Increasing

According to industry experts, the number of private flights is up by 70 percent compared to previous years. This growth has been linked to lower prices for private plane flights, which are approximately 50-percent less than last year and to health concerns. As reported by PrivateFly, the number of inquiries to use their charter jets rose 85 percent over the prior year. Others are renting or buying private planes to go from one destination to another. 

Reasons for a Plane Crash

The most common reason for a plane crash is due to negligence. The following are some of the most frequent causes:

  • Pilot error as a cause of a plane crash: This occurs in about half of all plane crashes. Pilot error is often seen in situations where a plane crashes into the ground or another structure.
  • Distractions: A pilot may be distracted just as a motorist can be by others on the plane. This can take his or her focus off flying and making proper choices. 
  • Fatigue: A pilot who is fatigued may be unable to think clearly and can accidentally cause a plane crash. They also may make the choice to disengage the autopilot, which can have a tragic result.
  • Lack of training: Some pilots, although training courses are well-structured, may lack proper training or sufficient hours of flying time. An example of this would be a pilot who is unaware of the level of fuel and runs out.
  • Mechanical errors: While these are less common, they do happen. For the most part, they result from poor design or manufacture of an airplane part. 
  • Poor maintenance: Pilots who do not maintain their plane adequately or know how to check to see that the airplane was maintained may cause a plane crash.
  • Poor weather: When weather conditions change drastically, a new pilot may make poor choices, which results in an accident. 
  • Traffic control error: Traffic controllers may give poor directions to a pilot, resulting in a plane crash.

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