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February 01, 2023
Edward Smith

Accident Near Mosquito Road Sends Three People to the Hospital

A multiple-vehicle crash northeast of Placerville on January 26 resulted in three injuries. The accident occurred around 4:12 p.m. just north of Mosquito Road and Volz Lane. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), one of the vehicles overturned in the roadway. 

Authorities Investigating to Determine Cause of Multiple-Vehicle Crash

When officers arrived, three injured people had already been transported to a hospital for care and evaluation. Tow trucks arrived to remove the vehicles. An investigation is underway by the CHP to determine the cause of the multiple-vehicle crash.

Accidents Involving Multiple Vehicles

Multiple-vehicle accidents can have devastating emotional and physical effects on those involved. Fatalities and severe injuries are common in this type of accident. There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that vehicles are frequently struck more than once. Once the vehicle has been in a crash, the safety devices designed to protect occupants become ineffective. Airbags, for example, deploy the first time a vehicle is struck. Since the airbag has already been deployed, it becomes ineffective after it deflates.

Factors Contributing to a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Accidents involving multiple vehicles are mainly caused by human error. There are a number of reasons for this, including:

Fault Determination in Multiple-Vehicle Accidents

The number of vehicles involved and the level of confusion can make it difficult to determine which vehicles are at fault. In an accident involving more than two vehicles, there are frequently more than one driver who may be found negligent. In addition, drivers do not always accept responsibility for their actions. It is important to have a personal injury lawyer investigate the accident site because of the confusion at the scene. 

What Our Law Firm Does to Investigate a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Whenever a multiple-vehicle crash occurs, we dispatch an investigator to search for evidence proving liability. A successful resolution of our client’s case is impossible without this. Using crash reconstruction techniques, we determine liability by looking for markers at the accident scene that indicate how the collision occurred. Rear-end collisions often begin such crashes, making this step necessary.

As well as interviewing those involved in the crash, the investigators also speak with witnesses. Digital footage of the crash is obtained if surveillance cameras are available. The witness may record the accident on their cell phone or dash cam. Police reports are also reviewed for errors and inaccuracies. The police report plays an instrumental role in proving liability in insurance negotiations and when presenting the case in civil court. 

Our legal team then uses the data to build a strong case for our clients based on the gathered information.

Placerville Car Accident Lawyer

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