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August 21, 2019
Edward Smith

Placer County Crash Causes Fatality and Injuries

According to officers of the local California Highway Patrol (CHP), a car accident in Placer County left two people with serious injuries and cost a third person his life. Officials stated that the collision happened on Thursday, August 15, 2019, at a rural location near the small community of Forebay. Placer County authorities have identified the fatally injured man as Justin Gile, a 22-year-old resident of the city of West Haven in the state of Utah. The injured parties included a 19-year-old woman as well as a two-year-old child. Updates on their conditions have not been made available.

Crash Details

The accident reportedly took place at around 1:00 p.m. on Highway Interstate 80 close to the exit for Drum Forebay Road a few miles east of Auburn. Gile had reportedly been driving west on the highway when, according to police, his Ford pickup veered to the right. The truck traveled off of the road and entered a nearby patch of trees. According to reports, the vehicle drove about 30 feet before striking a tree, which caused the Ford to overturn. The vehicle ultimately came to a rest on its wheels. Reports indicated that no other vehicles were involved in this collision.

Response and Injuries

Emergency responders were immediately dispatched to the accident site by CHP after they received a call regarding the crash. When responders reached the accident location, they discovered that three people had suffered severe injuries. Tragically, Gile’s injuries were too great for treatment, and he was declared deceased on-site. The 19-year-old passenger was reportedly found with injuries affecting her chest, shoulder, hip, and ankle, while the toddler was discovered with a broken leg. Both parties were transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital for immediate care.


CHP is conducting an investigation into possible causes involved in this crash. However, investigators have yet to report any suspected factors. Collisions such as this one can be caused by a variety of factors, and many of these are often outside of the control of drivers. Furthermore, when a driver passes away during a collision, they are sadly unable to provide investigators with their story regarding why the crash happened. For this reason, it is important for families to get in touch with a lawyer who can conduct a private investigation and represent those who are unable to defend themselves.

Rollover Accidents

In accidents involving rollovers, the most severe injuries are often caused when roofs are not strong enough to keep vehicle occupants safe. Vehicle manufacturers are expected to ensure the safety of the products they sell, and when people are left with roof crush injuries, these companies can often be held responsible for the damages that occur. To learn more about liability and recovering compensation after a serious or fatal accident, get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney who can give you specific advice about your case.

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