Pittsburg Checkpoint Targets Drunk Driving Accidents

Pittsburg Checkpoint Targets Drunk Driving Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Pittsburg car accident lawyer. The Pittsburg Police Department recently ran a driving under the influence (DUI) checkpoint in an attempt to reduce Pittsburg’s drunk driving accidents.


About the Checkpoint

On Friday, 30 June, the Pittsburg Police Department conducted a DUI checkpoint at a busy intersection. The intersection was chosen based on the high rate of alcohol-related car accidents at that location over the last year. The officers began pulling vehicles over at 7 p.m. and continued until 1:30 a.m.

Other Recent Pittsburg DUI Checkpoints

The Pittsburg Police Department regularly conducts DUI checkpoints before holidays known for drunk driving accidents. The two most notorious holidays for drunk driving are New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. This checkpoint serves to remind people of the dangers of drunk driving before everyone celebrated the Fourth of July.

Pittsburg Drunk Driving Accidents

Several recent accidents may have motivated this checkpoint. For example, on 18 February, a drunk driver in Oakland killed a Pittsburg man. Then, in April, a DUI accident caused two women to suffer traumatic injuries in front of the local Dairy Queen.

Several people are arrested every week in Pittsburg for driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Some of these DUI arrests follow hit and run accidents and other injury-causing car accidents.

“DUI Doesn’t Just Mean Booze” Program

This checkpoint was also part of the Pittsburg Police Department’s participation in a program called “DUI Doesn’t Just Mean Booze.” The Office of Traffic Safety created the program to teach people that driving under the influence includes driving under the influence of prescription drugs or newly legalized marijuana.

Drivers under the influence of prescription drugs, marijuana, or a combination of substances may have equally impaired judgment as those driving under the influence of alcohol.

Value of DUI Checkpoints

DUI checkpoints are part of the high visibility enforcement policing method. This type of policing also includes an increased law enforcement presence on the roadways. Studies show that this policing method reduces drunk driving accidents.

Studies have shown that these efforts, if properly implemented, can reduce impaired driving by 20 percent. Proper implementation includes publicizing the checkpoints. In this case the police department publicized the checkpoint three days prior on 27 June.

Liability in Drunk Driving Accidents

The driver that chose to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated is almost always liable for damages in a drunk driving accident. What many people do not realize, though, is that the venue that served the alcohol may also be liable for damages.

Venue liability for alcohol-related accidents depends on whether the venue followed liquor laws. This means the venue cannot sell alcohol to someone who is visibly inebriated. California liquor laws also prohibit venues from selling an excessive amount of alcohol to a single person.

Liability in Other Under the Influence Accidents

As with the above cases, the driver is often the one ultimately liable in accidents where the driver is under the influence of some substance.This is true unless an issue with the prescribed drug unduly impacted the driver. In these cases, the doctor that prescribed the drugs may be partially liable if negligence can be proven. Additionally, the drug manufacturer may be liable if the drug is defective.

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