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November 07, 2019
Edward Smith

Personalized Treatment Options Improve Back Pain

Recently, a research study was published showing that personalized treatment options can improve someone’s back pain. Pain is one of the most common reasons why people seek medical care. It is also among the most common causes of disability. For this reason, a tremendous amount of research has focused on helping people treat their back pain. This new research study may shed some light on how to treat some of the most common causes of back pain.

If the results of this research study hold true, it might lead to more customized treatment plans. These personalized treatment ideas might help people recover from back pain more quickly. Overall, this will alleviate discomfort for millions of people.

The Design of the Research Study

The research study was published by the University of Limerick. The research leaders say that the majority of low back pain treatments only focus on the symptoms instead of targeting the root causes of back pain. This information may change the approach of medical providers when it comes to treating this common cause of discomfort.

200 people were enrolled in a research trial. The patients were divided into two separate groups. The first group of patients received personalized treatments. This means that their treatment was tailored to meet their individual issues. The second group received a standardized treatment that was generalized to meet the most common causes of back pain. The results shed some light on how back pain might be treated moving forward.

The Results of the Personalized Treatment

The researchers found that those who received a personalized treatment that was focused on their back pain recovered more quickly than those who did not. Overall, the patients who received a customized treatment plan reported less pain and faster overall recovery time. In turn, this also leads to an improved overall quality of life.

There are a few examples of how a treatment plan might be personalized to meet someone’s needs. In addition to addressing someone’s physical pain, this study shows that it is incumbent on medical providers to focus on the entire person. This means that healthcare providers should consider someone’s sleep patterns and stress levels when targeting their back pain. Furthermore, strength and fitness can also play a key role in tailoring a treatment plan to meet someone’s individual needs. The researchers referred to this approach as “cognitive functional therapy.” Based on the results of this study, that phrase might appear more often in the medical field moving forward.

Future Directions for Back Pain Treatment

The researchers who published this study are calling for a fundamental change in the approach that medical providers take when addressing back pain. It can be tempting for doctors to simply throw medicine or surgical procedures at back pain. On the other hand, the results of this study show that a customized approach is needed. This approach should focus on the needs of each patient individually.

If personalized treatment options are made available for back pain, this gives patients a better shot at making a meaningful recovery. Future research studies might expand the scope of these customized treatment plans. They might also expand to include other types of pain as well, providing hope to everyone who suffers from chronic discomfort.

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